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AGEN 311: Heat Transfer in Bio-systems    

Theory of heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation. Steady and unsteady state heat transfer. Heat exchangers. Heat transfer applications in food, bio-systems, and agricultural structures.

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AGEN 325: Engines and Agricultural Tractor    

Analytical study of engines (engine cycles and types, engine components, engine power estimations, combustion, engine assisting systems). Power trains. Tractor power usage. Tractor power distribution and prediction. Tractor stability

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AGEN 428: Testing and Selection of Agricultural Equipment    

International tests of agricultural tractors and equipment. Test equipment for agricultural equipment. Laboratory and field performance tests of agricultural equipment and their selection. Equipment performance curves.  Computer applications.

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AGEN 427: Management and Operation of Agricultural Equipment

Tractor and implement sizing ad selection. Cost of owing and operating agricultural tractors and machinery. Principle of economic performance of farm power and machinery: machine performance, power performance, operator performance. Machinery operations and adjustments. Safety in tractor ad machinery operation. Computer applications. Field trips.


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