Prof. Hassan A. Almana, Ph.D                  

                                             Dept. Food Science and Nutrition








أ.د حسن بن عبدالعزيز محمد المانع

College of Food and Agricultural Sciences
King Saud University

Designation         Professor
Specialization     Food Science  
(Cereal Chemistry and Technology)
Last Updated - June/15/2008   (01:00 PM)    

Office : 2A86 Building 2 (College of Food And Agricultural Sciences)
:     + 966 (1) 4676839 - 4678407
Mobile: + 966 505452238
Fax:     + 966 1 4678394

E-Mail:  halmana@ksu.edu.sa

P.O.Box 87753
                Riyadh 11652
                Saudi Arabia



Ph.D. Food Science, Dept. Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University, USA.
M.Sc. Food Science, Dept. Grain Science and Industry,Kansas State University, USA.
College of Agriculture
Kansas State University
B.Sc. General Agricultural Sciences. King Saud University.


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