A.  Journal

1. Cereal Chemistry (USA)

2. Cereal Foods World *USA)

3. Baker's Digest (USA)

4. Proceedings of American Society of Bakery Engineers (USA)

5. Food Technology (USA)

6. Food Science (USA)

7. Sci. Food and Agriculture USA)

8. Snack Food (USA)

9. Food Chemistry (England)

10. Ecology of Food and Nutrition (USA)

11. Cereal Science (England)

12. Starch (USA)


B. Books (last editions)

1. E.J. Payler: Baking Science and Technology.


2. S.A. Matz: Bakery Technology and Engineering.


3. S.A. Matz: Cookie and Cracker Technology.


4. Y. Pomeranz: Wheat: Chemistry and Technology.


5. E.B. Benion, J. Stewart, G.S.T. Bom Ford: Cake Making.


6. M. Gutterson : Handbook of Food Additives.


7. M. Gutterson: Snack Foods and Production Processes.


8. A. Lachmann: Snacks and Fried Products.


9. R. Daniels: Modern Breakfast Cereal Process.


10. P.R. Whitely: Biscuit Manufacture.


11. W.H. Smith: Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies.


12. W.T. Yamazaki: Soft Wheat.


13. K.J. Lorenz and K. Kulp. Handbook of Cereal Science and Technology.


14. S.A. Watsor and P.E. Ramstad. Corn: Chemistry and Technology.


15. B.O. Juliano. Rice Chemistry and Technology.


16. R.C. Hoseney. Principles of Cereal Science and Technology.


17. G. Fabriani and C. Lintas. Durum Chemistry and Technology.


18. C.M. Christensen. Storage of Cereal Grains and Their Products.