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General Biology Zoo-106

Lab : 1

(Animal Cell and Plant Cell Microscope its Structure, Function and Operation)

Lab : 2

Cell and its Morphological Variations

Lab : 3

Mitosis through its subsequent Developmental Stages

Lab : 4

Meiosis , through its subsequent Developmental Stages

Lab : 5

Histology : Types of Tissues

Lab: 6

Major Histology of Digestive System

Lab: 7

Major Histology of Reproductive System

First Examination


Lab: 8

Serology: Identification Technique of Blood Groups.

Lab:  9

Anatomy of Digestive System

Lab: 10

Anatomy of Reproductive System

Lab: 11

Anatomy of Venous System

Lab: 12

Anatomy of Arterial System

Lab: 13

Anatomy of Nervous System & Endocrine System

Final Examination



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