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المـراجـــع العلمية للمقررات

أولا مقرر 321جاف 

Fundamentals of Geophysics
By  William Lowrie, Cambridge University Press, 1997
Looking into the Earth
By Alan E. Mussett and M. Aftab Khan
Cambridge University Press, 2000
Basic Exploration Geophysics
by Edwin S. Robinson and Cahit Coruh
John Wiley & sons, 1998
 ثانيا مقرر 371جيو

Exploration Seismology
by Robert E. Sheriff and Lioyd P. Geldart
Cambridge University Press, 1995

Geophysical Methods
by Robert E. Sheriff
Printice Hall , 1998

ثالثا مقرر 312جاف

An Introduction to seismology, earthquakes. and earth structure
by Seth Stein and Michael Wysession
blackwell Publishing, 2002


Principles of Geophysics
Norman H. Sleep and Kazuya Fujita
Blackwell Science, 1997

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