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Geology and Geophysics Links

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    • United States Geological Survey (USGS)@
      USGS sites focus on biology, geography, geology, geospatial information, and water resources of the U.S. and the world. The U.S. Geological Survey also offers sites monitoring recent earthquake activity and other natural hazards.
    • NASA Astrophysics Data System
      Abstracts on astrophysics, astronomy, instrumentation, geophysics, and physics. Plus the Los Alamos preprint server, articles, and catalogs.
    • British Geological Survey (BGS)
      World's longest established national geological survey and the UK's premier centre for earth science information and expertise.
    • Geologylink
      Daily geo-news updates, discussion forums, an expansive directory of links, virtual field trips, geology classes, and a glossary.
    • EOS
      Weekly newspaper of geophysics.
    • Savage Earth
      PBS series dealing with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other disasters.
    • Dynamic Earth, The [pick] [read review]
      National Museum of Natural History multimedia presentation covering gems and minerals rocks, and mining, plate tectonics and vulcanology, and the solar system.
    • Ask-A-Geologist
      Do you have a question about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, rocks, maps, ground water, lakes, or rivers? Email your earth science questions to a U.S. Geological Survey earth scientist.
    • Geologic/Geophysical Data for the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia
      Diversified datasets for the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia. A profile maker, a focal mechanism maker and much more data and information are available.
    • Amateur Geologist
      Bringing the joy of exploring the geology of our world and nature itself to all by providing information and services to their fellow amateur geologists.
    • Geology Toolkit
      Allows users to explore region-by-region how the rocks which make up the British Isles have developed.

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    Geophysical Links

    Other Related Links

    history of seismology
    history of seismology
    earthquake engineering
    housing loss modeling
    earthquake engineering home page
    earthquake engineering-Austin, Texas
    earthquake engineering-California
    earthquake engineering-Buffalo, New York
    earthquake engineering-IDEERS
    earthquake engineering-Berkeley, California
    living on shaky ground
    earthquake hazards
    earthquake shaking hazard maps
    earthquake hazard center
    USGS-earthquakes hazards program
    USGS-earthquake hazards-northern California
    earthquake links
    earthquake maps and information
    Seismo links
    UCD earthquake information
    northern California earthquakes
    Geography Exchange Resource Center
    plate tectonics and earthquakes links
    earthquake links-Princeton
    seismo-surfing the Internet
    understanding earthquakes-links
    understanding earthquakes-more links
    National Earthquake information Center
    earthquake maps
    recent earthquakes-USA
    earthquake maps
    earthquake maps and lists
    earthquake maps on the web
    Iris seismic monitor
    central USA earthquake map
    Pacific Northwest earthquake map
    southern California earthquake map
    seismic hazards maps
    map of world earthquakes
    earthquake predictions
    earthquake prediction along the San Andreas fault
    earthquake prediction homepage
    prediction based on electrical signals from ground
    predicting earthquakes
    USGS earthquake prediction
    Parkfield-earthquake prediction
    earthquake prediction with acoustic emission
    earthquake prediction-online
    earthquake predictions-animal behavior
    animal behavior prediction of earthquakes-major article
    animal behavior observed in China
    earthquake preparedness
    prepare a home earthquake plan
    earthquake preparedness-Canada
    earthquake preparedness handbook
    preparedness links
    earthquake survival
    home quake safety toolkit
    USGS-earthquake preparedness information
    earthquake terminology
    USGS-earthquake glossary
    earthquake terminology
    earthquake terminology-2
    earthquake image glossary-
    earthquake terminology-India
    elastic rebound
    earthquakes and elastic rebound theory
    elastic rebound
    Reid’s elastic rebound theory
    elastic rebound animation
    earthquake epicenter map
    earthquake terminology
    earthquake epicenter-Peru
    how to locate epicenter
    how to locate earthquake epicenter
    what’s an earthquake?
    why is an earthquake epicenter treated as a single point?
    earthquake focus illustration
    focus and epicenter illustration
    earthquake focus-Power Point
    earthquake terminology
    what is an earthquake?
    liquefaction and thixotropy
    Bay area liquefaction information
    liquefaction susceptibility map
    liquefaction map-Washington state
    soil liquefaction web site
    locating earthquakes
    How do I locate an earthquake’s epicenter?
    How to locate an earthquake’s epicenter
    virtual earthquake
    Mercalli scale vs. Richter scale
    modified Mercalli scale
    earthquake intensity
    modified Mercalli intensity scale
    modified Mercalli intensity scale-2
    understanding the Mercalli scale
    Richter and Mercalli scales
    Richter scale-Canada
    earthquake magnitudes
    Richter magnitude
    How are earthquakes measured?
    plate tectonics and earthquakes
    USGS-earthquakes and plate tectonics
    earthquakes, volcanoes, and plate tectonics
    earthquakes and plate tectonics-w. Canada
    plate tectonics-the cause of earthquakes
    plate tectonics-New York
    understanding plate motion
    USGS-plate tectonics
    seismic waves: P, S, and surface waves
    seismic waves
    photo glossary of earthquake terms
    seismic deformation
    seismic waves
    virtual earthquake
    waves in the earth
    What are seismic waves?
    seismological organizations
    National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program
    Seismological Society of America
    seismology resources for teachers
    seismology resources for teachers
    detecting earthquakes
    seismometers-Tucson area
    seismology lab exercise
    make your own seismogram
    Southern Arizona Seismic Observatory
    sounds of an earthquake
    earthquake sound
    audio sound of an earthquake
    listening to earthquakes
    earthquake related sounds
    tsunamis (seismic sea waves)
    tsunamis and seismic sea waves
    How do earthquakes generate tsunamis?
    physics of tsunamis
    surf’s up
    tsunami warning system
    tsunami from asteroid impacts
    tsunamis in the Atlantic ocean
    tsunami research group
    Papua tsunami
    Welcome to tsunami
    tsunami warning center


    largest USA earthquakes
    list of largest USA earthquakes-

    Earthquakes-outside USA
    Kobe, Japan
    Kobe earthquake: an urban disaster
    earthquake effects in Kobe, Japan
    Kobe earthquake links
    Kobe earthquake photos
    Kobe 1995
    Kobe earthquake case study
    Mexico City, Mexico
    Mexico City earthquake page
    earthquake damage, Mexico City
    Mexico City earthquake
    the greatest catastrophe ever suffered by Mexico City
    world-wide distribution of earthquakes
    map of world-wide distribution of earthquakes
    IRIS-seismic monitor of world’s earthquakes

    Earthquake damage
    bent metal structures
    bent rebar
    destroyed buildings
    brick building destruction
    destroyed house-1
    collapsed concrete car shelter
    damaged building supports
    fascia on buildings destroyed
    collapsed building
    lowest floor destroyed
    first floor damaged
    first floor supports damaged
    rockfalls and landslides
    earthquake cracks
    earthquake landslides

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