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أسئلة شائعة

                                Curriculum Vitae ( c.v )

                                                                :   Personal Information

 Family name: Ja’far 

Other Names: Mohammed Hassan Saghir

Address: Chemistry Department, College of Science King Saud

                  University. Saudi. Arabia.  P.O.Box 2455.  Riyadh 11451

 E-mail:, Tel.: +96614675970, Mobile:+96655112462

Marital Status: Married

Country of Birth: Haja, Yemen

 Date of Birth: 07/08/1959

Nationality: Yemeni

Religion:      Moslem

Degree: B.Sc. in Chemistry Special degree-College of Science,

                 King Saud University

Grade:     Good (the old garding)

Date Awarded: Feb. 1982

  Employment: Research Assistant

  Field of Research: Organometallic Chemistry, Ziegler-Natta Catalysis And Polymerization and FT.I.R-Spectroscopy.


Saudi Chemical Society in  Riyadh (KSU) from 1990


The Institute of Science Technology in U.K (F.I.Sc.T).

Fellows of the institute are elected by Council on the recommendation of the Fellowship Committee. This senior class of membership indicates a very high level of achievement in science technology and outstanding contribution to the profession.


All my schooling in Saudi Arabia:

1- elementary school, 1965-1971     (Al-farooq school) in Riyadh

       2- intermediate school,  1971-1974  (Al-Shafai School) in Riyadh

        3-  secondary school,   1974-1977   (Abi-tammam school) in Riyadh


          In Oct. 1977, I joined to King Saud University Chemistry Department, (previously Riyadh) University, and graduated in Feb. 1982.


In sept.1982 I was appointed a research assistant in Chemistry Department, College of Science, From that till now I have been working on organometallic compounds. under the auspices of my supervisors Prof. Omar M. Abu-Salah and Dr. Abdel-Razak Al-Ohaly

.  Through out this period I have gained excellent experience in synthesis, identification and chemical reactivity of arylacetylide, cyanide ligands-containing new anionic and cationic clusters of group 11 such as gold, silver, copper and platinum metals. I have studied their (IR), NMR spectroscopy, elemental analyses and their single crystal X-ray crystallography.

I have gained good experience in preparation and filtration techniques under nitrogen atmosphere, vacuum, low temperatures (down to-70C0), high temperatures and at room temperature.

We prepared many of novel complexes anionic, cationic polymers, dimmers, and clusters in novel and unprecedented synthesis

The compounds that I have already prepared were published in refereed scientific journals. These compounds were new and have not been reported before, especially the cationic ones. I have been working as research assistant with Dr.Abdullah S. Al-Arifi in Ziegler-Natta Catalysis and Polymerization.

 Expert in Preparation of Metallocene Compounds and testing their polymerization activity in modern Reactor. Syntheses included the handling  of chemicals in glove-box under nitrogen.                  

Since 1985 till now, I have been appointed operator of (I.R. Spectrometer recently FT-I.R operator for chemistry department. I run samples that are coming from different departments and laboratories. During this time I have gained a vast experience in elucidating structures of compounds especially the organometallic compounds 

Teaching demonstrations experience

Teaching and demonstrations experience on the following:

1-     Practical of general Chemistry (101Chem.).

2- Practical organometallic (428 Chem.) for long time.

Acknowledged M.Sc. degrees:

I have been acknowledged in 6 Master degrees (M.Sc.) for technical assistance on the following:

1-        Synthesis and Identification of New Cluster Complex Containing

Group 1B metal. Arylacetylides by Zaid Fahmi Ebraheem Salem 1989 (1410).

 2-        Preparation, Characterization and study of catalytic of New Organo- copper (I)-Silver (I) and gold (I) Derivatives by Abdullah Mohammed Al-Abdulrahman. 1993  (1413).

 3-        Preparation, and Identification of Cationic Alkynyl complexes Containing Platinum and Silver by Hussah A. Al-Abulkareem. 1998 (1418).

  4-        Preparation, and Identification of Cationic Alkynyl complexes containing Platinum, Copper and Platinum Silver by Abeir Abdulrahman Al- Obied 1999 (1420).

  5-        Sythesis and characterization of some alkynyl coinage metal complexes by Hamda Saleh Mater Al-Enzi , 2000 (1421).

  6-        Reaction of the anionic platinum(II) complex [Pt(C2R)4]2-with coinage metal alkynyl complexes By Abdul-Rahaman M.A. Al-Asmari  2003 (1424).

Computer Experience:

I have excellent experience in working with PC.:

Typing Arabic and English versions, and software programs (Windows, Dos, Microsoft office 97…xp, excel5, Chemwind draw, Isis draw, Netscape, Power point,        E- mail and search of  the Internet.)              

Research Publications

1-  Khalid. Al-Farhan, Mohammed, H. Ja’far, and Omar M. Abu-Salah “The Synthesis, Identification, and X-ray structure of novel cationic Alkynyl silver Cluster polymer [Ag3(C2But)2+]n ”J.Organometallic Chemistry, 579(1999)59-62.

2-  Khalid A. Al-Farhan, Omar M. Abu-Salah, Mohsen. Mukalalati and Mohammed   Jaafar ”Copper Disordered Hexa Kis (Phenylethynyl) pentaargentate (I) Cluster “Acta. Crystallographica. C51, (1995) PP. 1089-1092.

3-  Omar M. Abu-Salah ,*[a] Mohammed  H. Ja’far,[a] Abdel Razzak A. Al-Ohaly,[a]  Khalid A. Al-Farhan,[a] and Hamda S. Al-enzi[a] Oleg V .Dolomanov,[b] and Judith A. K. Howard[b].”.Synthesis and structural characterization of [Ag14(C2But)12]2+. A hexa-capped cube of silver atoms. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. (2006) 2353-2356.

4-        Abu-Salah, O. M., Al-Arifi. A. S., Al-Ohaly. A. R. and Ja’far. M. H. “A new Method of the preparation of Two Bis (arylethynyl) argentate (I)  Complex Anions “The second national meeting of the Chemists of King Saud University Chemistry of Department “ (1987) Page 119.

Papers of acknowledgements by my supervisors in their publications

 for technical assistance


1-     Omar M. Abu-Salah “ Perspectives in syntheses, Structures and bonding Of acetylide containing cluster of group 11 metals “ J. of Organometallic Chemistry (1997) P. 211-216

   2-     Abdel-Razak A. Al-Ohaly “ Preparation of cyanohalogeno complexes ofGold (I) and their reaction with Triphenylphosphine “ J. Of Chem. Research (s), (1993) Pages 38-39

3-    Omar M. Abu-Salah “ Syntheses and Reactivity of acetylide containingClusters of group 1B metals. Preparation and Identification of novel Bimetallic [Ag6 Cu7 (C2Ph)14]- and the analogous Trimetallic [Au Ag6 Cu6(C2Ph)14]- Clusters.” Polyhedron Vol. 11 PP. 951-955 (1992).

 4-     Omar M. Abu-Salah , M. Sakhawat Hussin and Elmer.O.Schlemper. “Preparation, Identification and X-ray structure of novel High nuclearity Anionic Ag6 Cu7 Cluster “ J.Chem.Soc.Chemical Communication (1988) PP.212-213.

5-    Omar M. Abu-Salah “Syntheses and Reactivity of acetylide containingClusters of group 11 Metals. Novel Routes of the gold-silver Cluster [Au3 Ag2 (C2Ph)6]-. “ J. Chem. Research (s), 1992, 348-349

6-      Omar M. Abu-Salah and Abdel-Razak A. Al-Ohaly “Preparation and Reactivity of new organogold (I) Halide Anion complexes”Inorganic Chimica Acta. 77(1983) L159- 160

7-      Omar M. Abu-Salah, Abdel-Razak A. Al-Ohaly and Ziad F. Mutter “ Syntheses and Reactivity of acetylide containing clusters of group 1B metals “ V (III) Preparation, Characterization and Possible Structure  of novel pentanuclear Trimetallic Cluster [Au3AgCu(C2Ph)6]-.” J. Organometallic Chemistry. 391 (1990), 267-273.

   8-    Omar M. Abu-Salah, Abdel-Razak A. Al-Ohaly, Salim S. Al-Showiman, And Ibrahim M. Al-Najjar “ A 13C Nuclear Magnic Resonance Study of some linear Alkynyl Gold (I) and Silver Complexes “ Transition Met. Chem. 10, (1985) 207-210.

9-      Omar M. Abu-Salah “ The Reactivity of the Bis (Phenylethynyl)     aurate (I)  Complex anion. Synthesis and Characterization of novel Diand  Trinuclear group 1B metal arylacetylides.” J. Organometallic Chem. 270  (1984)  C26-C28.

10-    Omar M. Abu-Salah, Abdel-Razak A. Al-Ohaly “  Ethynylation,Reactivity Was Using the Bis (Phenyl ehynyl) Cuprate (I) Complex anion. Preparation of the Bis(Phenylethynyl) Aurate (I) Comp;ex anion “ J. Organometallic, Chem.  255  (1983) C39 C40.

11-     Omar M. Abu-Salah, Abdel-Razak A. Al-Ohaly, and H. A. Al-Qathani  “ Preparation and Reactivity of Bis (Phenylethynyl) auregentate (I) and  (Chlorophenylehtynyl) auregentate (I) Complex anions “ Inorganica Chimica. Acta. 117(1986) L29 L30

12-   Omar M. Abu-Salah, Abdel-Razak A. Al-Ohaly and Ziad F. Mutter “ Syntheses and Reactivity of acetylide containing clusters of group 1B metals “ V (III) Preparation, and Possible Structure of the novel pentanuclear Trimetallic Cluster [Au3AgCu(C2Ph)6]- , [Ag5(C2Ph)6]-and  [Ag4Cu(C2Ph)6]-Cluster. The Reactivity of the polymer [{AuAg- (C2Ph)2}n] and [{AuCu(C2Ph)2}n]. “ J. Organometallic Chemistry, 389 (1990) 427-434.

13-     Omar M. Abu-Salah “ Syntheses and Reactivity of acetylide-Containing Clusters of group 1B metals. Preparation, structure and reaction of the tetanuclear [Au3Ag2(C2Ph)4(PPh­3)2]. Syntheses and structure of the novel mixed-metal gold-silver and gold-copper phenylacetylide polymer complexes[{AuM(C2Ph)2}n] (M= Ag, Cu)” J. Organometallic Chemistry  387 (1990) 123-129.

14-    Omar M. Abu-Salah and Abdel Razak Al-Ohaly “ Syntheses and Reactivity of  acetylide-Containing Clusters of group 1B metals step wise Syntheses of Trinuclear [Au2Cu(C2Ph)4] and pentanuclear [Au3Cu2-(C2Ph)6] and

[Au3Ag2(C2Ph)6] Clusters “ J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans 2297-2300(1988).

15-      A. M. Al-Mayouf*, A. S. N. Al-Arifi,"Reductive dissolution Ethylenediamine disuccinic acid dolurtions, Desalination 181 (2005) 233-241.

16-      Mohamed. A. Abdalla,  "Flow Injection Amperometric Determination of Propanolol hydrochloride In Pharmaceutical Preparations".J. Saudi Chem.Soc. Vol. 11, No. 3; pp. 399- 404(2007) 

Papers in Preparation:

1) Synthesis and X-ray Structure of Bis-(Phenylethynyl)aurate(I), Khalid. A. Al-Farhan, Mohammed H. Ja’far, and Omar. M. Abu-Salah.

2) Synthesis and X-ray Structure of the Novel Bimetallic Tetranuclear Cluster [Ag2Cu2(C2Ph)4(PPh3)4] , Omar. M. Abu-Salah, Mohammed H. Ja’far,  and Khalid. A. Al-Farhan.

3) The Synthesis and X-ray Structure of the Dicationic Trinuclear Copmlex PtAg2(C2But)2 PPh3)6] , Omar. M. Abu-Salah, Mohammed H. Ja’far,  and Khalid. A. Al-Farhan, Hossa A. Abdulkarim, and Wa’d AlKayali

4) Synthesis, Characterization, and X-ray Structure of a Novel Bimetallic Ag8Au6 and Ag10Au4 Alkynyl Clusters, O. M. Abu-Salah,  Mohammed. H. Ja’far, and Abdel Razzak A. .Al-Ohaly.

5)The Reactions of AgCl and AgBr with [Ag(C2But)]n . The Syntheses and Characterization of [Ag14(C2But)12X][X](X=Cl, Br), O. M. Abu-Salah, Mohammed.  H. Ja’far  and Abdel Razzak A. Al-Ohaly.

6) The Reactions of Co2(CO)8  with Linear Gold and Silver Alkynyl Complexes,    O. M. Abu-Salah, A. R. Al-Ohaly, and Hamda S. Al-Enzi.



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