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Course Number and Symbol : Chem. 428    2((0+2
Course Name
  : Practical Inorganic Chemistry

Course Name: Practical Inorganic Chemistry
Preparation of inorganic and organometallic complexes and using different techniques for separation and purification, applications in non-aqueous chemistry, spectroscopic studies and identification of the above complexes.

 Part one :Preparation Organometallic Compounds:

1- General idea about Technical FTIR  and Samples Preparation.

2- Preparation of Silver phenylacetylide Compound, [Ag(C2Ph)]n.

3- Preparation of Cobalt (III) Acetylacetonate, Co(acac)3.

4- { Preparation  [Tris(3-nitroacetylacetonato)] Cobalt(III)}.

Second part: Non-aqueous Titrations:

6- Determination of Molarity  Non-aqueous HClO4 acid.

7- Determination of Molarity  Non-aqueous HCl acid.

8- Determination of Molarity  Non-aqueous Ethanolamine.

Third Part: Specrophotometric Identification and Determination of complexes    

 9- Determination of the Composition of Complex:

a) The Slope Ratio Method.

b) The Continuous Variation Method.

10- Determination of the Equilibrium Constant by Hymann's Method.  

11- The Final Exam Theoretical and Practical.                                            

It should be note that, complete report about each experiment  must be handled with graph etc. 

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