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Course Number and Symbol : Chem. 249    2((0+2
Course Name
  : Identification of Organic Compounds

Physical Constants: Purification of organic compounds, identification of the main functional groups by studying their reactions: Qualitative analysis of elements (C, H, S, halogens)

1- Purification of Organic Compounds .

2- Solubility and Solvent Extraction.

3- Color Separation by Chromatography (exam1).

4- Elemental qualitative Organic Analysis.

5- Identification of Functional Groups in Organic Compound (exam 2).

6- Alkyl halides and Aryl halides and  Simple Distillation.

7- Hydroxyl Compounds and Preparation of Aspirin (exam 3).

8- Aldehydes and Ketones and Preparation of Semicarbazone.

9- Organic Acids and Preparation of Soap   (exam 4).

10- Nitrogen Compounds of Aliphatic and Aromatic Amines.

11- Carbohydrates(Sugars) {exam 5}

12- Final Exam  Theoretical and Practical    
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