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Course Number and Symbol : Chem. 101    ((3+1
Course Name
  : General Chemistry(1)

We give the students of practical about theoretical subjects within 14 experiments as follows

1- Density Measurement.

2-  Titration Experiments and preparation of Stander Solution of Na2CO3.

3- The use of PH-meter for the Selection of Indicators and Titrations.

4- NaOH/ HCl Titrations

5-  NaOH / CH3COOH Titrations.

6- Na2CO3 /HCl Titrations.

7-  Gases Diffusion.

8-  First Practical  Exam. 

9- Critical Point determination for Two Partially miscible Liquids .

10- Application Of Hess,s law.

11- Determination of reaction rate.

12- Determination of Molecular Weight by freezing Point Depression.

13- Determination of Molecular Weight of A liquid by steam Distillation.

14- Second Practical Exam.  

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