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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

1.    Participation in king Saud University excavations (Qaryat al-Fau and al-Rabadhah), 1986.

2.    M.A thesis entitled, “some Early Arabic Papyri from John Rylands University Library”, Manchester University, 1990. 

3.    PhD thesis entitled “A Critical and Analytical Study of Some Early Islamic Inscriptions from Madinah Region, Saudi Arabia”, University of Manchester, 1995.

4.    Co-author with Prof. Rex Smith (Manchester University) in a book dealing with a study of some Islamic papyri from John Rylands University Library, Manchester, United Kingdom.

5.    Co-author with others to publish a book on the archaeology of Madinah. The publication is part of a series of books which will be published by the Directorate of Antiquities. 

6.    Participation in king Saud University excavations (al-Rabadhah), 1997.

7.    Participated in the symposium on Arabic Calligraphy arranged by the High Commission for the development of Riyadh. I presented a paper on the earliest dated Arabic inscription. 1999. 

8.    “Ragosh inscription at Al-Hijir (Madain Salih): a new perspective” GCC Through Ages, vol. 1, pp. 31-71, Dhu Alhijah 1419 A.H/April 1999. The paper was presented in the first conference of the GCC Society for History and Archaeology.

9.    “A new perspective to explain mirror writing phenomenon of Arabic calligraphy”, Al-Darah, under publication, 2000.

10.  “Roots and developmental stages of the Arabic alphabet: a new perspective”, Journal of the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, under publication, 2000.

11.   “An Ottoman foundation stone from Al-Gala’a Quarter at Al-Qateef dated to year 1039 A.H”, Ages, under publication. 

12.  “The memorial inscription of Wail bin Al-Gazaz dated to year 410 A.D”, a paper presented in the third conference of the GCC Society for History and Archaeology in Muscat, Oman, 24th – 27th April 2001.

13.  Presented a lecture on “Islamic coins and its stages of development” during the session of Islamic coins arranged by Al-Faysal Institute for the development of human resources, 11-15th Sha’ban 1422 A.H. 

14.  Participation in the fourth conference of the GCC Society for History and Archaeology held in Sharqah, UAE, 3rd – 5th Safar 1423 A.H.

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