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Curriculum Vita


Abdulaziz M. Abduljabbar, Ph.D.


Nationality:          Saudi

DOB:                  11-28-1962

General major:   Special Education

Specific major  : Administration and Supervision in Special Education

Minor major     : Learning Disabilities

Current Job : professor , Dept. of Special Education ,KSU.


Higher Education

       University                       Major          Add.         Grad.        Degree

King Saud U. (Saudi A.)          Education     1982         1986             B.A.

Southern Illinois U. (U.S.A.) Special Ed.     1988          1990             M.S.

Southern Illinois U. (U.S.A.) Special Ed.     1990         1994            Ph.D.



Teacher Assistant at King Saud University(KSU).                1986-1987

Member of Student center board Southern Illinois U.(SIU).  1988-1991

President of Saudi Student Society ,Carbondale, USA.          1991-1993

Assistant professor at KSU 1995- 1999

Chairman, Department of Special education (KSU)               1998- 2002

Associate professor at KSU 1999- 2005

Professor at KSU                                                                     2005

Member :Board of  College of Education   at King Saud University(KSU)2000-2004

Member :Board of  Deanship of Graduate Studies   at King Saud University(KSU) 2004-2006

Consultant for King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for the Gifted (KSA)2003-2007

Consultant for The Ministry of Education(KSA)          2003-2006

Member of board of the research center, College of education (KSU) 1999-2001.

Member of Board of trustees of Efft college in Jeddah.(KSA) 2002- presen.

Member of Board of trustees of Dar Al-hekma 2006- presen.

 Member of Council for Exceptional Children CEC (USA.

Member of research committee at  Prince Salman Center for Disability Research, Riyadh(KSA)2004-2006

Member of Saudi Sport Federation For Special Needs.(KSA)2003-present

Member of the editorial board of the Arabian journal of Special Education, Arabian Academy of Special Education, Riyadh (KSA)

International organization such as AGFUND.  Cooperative work


University Courses Taught

SPED 100 Introduction to Special Education

SPED 101 Introduction to Exceptional Children
SPED 160 Physical Handicaps
SPED 295 Aids and Prosthesis for the Handicapped
SPED 385 Educating Exceptional Children in Regular Schools
SPED 411 Administration , and Supervision in Special Education.
SPED 440 Issues and Trends in Special Education 

SPED 354 Case Study in  Learning Disabilities

SPED 478 Students Teaching in Learning Disabilitie.s

SPED 560 Administration and organization of special education programs.

Supervise and examine many master theses, and doctorate dissertations from university such as : King Saudi University(KSA), Arabian Gulf University(Bahrain), and  Naif Arab University For Security Sciences (KSA).



Remedial Models in Special Education.(1997). Educational Research center (KSU).

Inclusion of Children With Disabilities into Private Elementary Schools in Riyadh( 1998). Journal of  Qatur University ,Qatur.

The Factorial Validity of the Attitudes Towards a Mainstreaming Scale.(1999). Journal of KSU .

Special education in Saudi Arabia : Current Status and Future plans, paper presented at The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Annual Convention ,Vancouver ,Canada,2000.( in Cooperation with I braheem Abunyyan PhD)

Skills needed for Hearing Impaired Teachers.(1998). The Faculty Journal of Education, Ain Shams University. Egypt .

The Skills Necessary for Students with Learning Disabilities : It’s Importance and the extent to which they possess it(2001) .  Journal of King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

The Opinions of principles and Teachers towards inclusions Educational Research center (KSU). (2002). In Cooperation with Wael  Masoud PhD).

 Training programs for Special education Teachers (2003).Education and Psychology, Saudi Educational and Psychological Association.

Modifications of School building For Physically disabled students. paper presented for the eight national conference of federation of the special needs.2002,Cairo,Egypt.

Reading Interests of Four through Twelfth grade (2003).( in Cooperation with Zaidan A. Al-Sartawi  PhD). Journal of since education, University of Qatur ,Qatur.

Satisfaction of regular and special education teachers. (2004)Arabian Journal of Special Education, Arabian Academy of Special education .

Al-mousa,N., Al-Sartawi,Z., Al-Abduljabbar,A., Al-Batal,Z.,& Alhuseen,A.(2007). The National Study to evaluate the experiment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in mainstreaming children with special educational needs in public education schools. Riyadh :Miniestry of Education.




I have translated the fallowing books from English language to Arabic language:

McClannahan , L, and Krantz, P. (1999). Activity Schedules for Children with Autism . USA, MD: woodbine House.

Bradley, F, King-Sears, M,and Tessier-Switlick , M.(1997).Teaching students in inclusive settings. USA, Boston : Ellyn and Bacon.( in Cooperation with Zaidan A. Al-Sartawi  PhD, and Abdulaziz Alshaks ).




For more Information:

Abdulaziz Abduljabbar Ph.D.

P.O. Box 85113

Riyadh 11691

Saudi Arabia


Phone :  Office   096614674591 /096614674574, Fax 096614544558,

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