Curriculum Vitae



Personal Data

Name : Fatima Ayedh Bin Fawaaz Al Sulami

Nationality : Saudi

Address : Riyadh 11487

P.O. Box 30684

office tel : 4354400 (4030)

E-mail : f-alsulami@hotmail.com


Scientific Qualifications:

          B.Sc Degree: Business Administration,
          College of Administration and Economics,
          King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, 1405.

          M.A in Education, College of Education,
          King Saud University, 1414 H.

          Ph.D. Degree, 1417,
          College of Education Literary Departments in Riyadh
          Currently Girls University: Education and Psychology Department, Speciality: Islamic Education Principles.


Practical Experiences:

Financial Auditor and Purchases specialist, King Saud University from 1406 to 1408 H.

Supervisor in the Higher Studies College, King Saud University from 1408 to 1415 H.

Establishing a services unit for the special categories in the University Studies Center in Olesha, and assuring its management from 1415 to 1418 H.

Teaching in the Special Education Department from 1417 to 1418H

Teaching in the Education and Kindergartens Department fro0m 1418 till the present.

Scholarship for studying the Doctorate Degree 1421 / 1422 H in the College of Education, the Literary Section in Riyadh – Speciality: Islamic Education Principles.

A Specialized member in King Abdulaziz and His Men for the Welfare of the Gifted Establishment.

Training Courses:

A course about learning difficulties, their courses, features and methods of treatment, 1417H.

A course about the Control Techniques and the Positive Behavioural Management with the Disabled Children, 1417H.

A course about speech delivery skills, 1426H.

A Workshop entitled: Techniques for the identification of the gifted children in the preschool stage and caring for them, simultaneous with the Regional Scientific Conference held in Jeddah 02-03/08/1418 H by Professor Ehing from China.

A Workshop entitled (Management of Quality Assessment in Kindergartens) in 1427h.

Symposia, Conferences and Activities:


The University Instructor Development Symposium. 1420, Riyadh.

Globalization and Education Priorities, 1425, Riyadh.

Development of the Faculty Members in the Higher Education Instit6uions Symposium in 1425, Riyadh.

The Early Childhood Symposium, 1425, Riyadh.

The Familial Violence Symposium: Causes and Treatment, 1426H, Riyadh.

Attending all the Forums, conferences and activities organized by King Abdulaziz and His Men for the Welfare of the Gifted.

Participation in the Activities Organized by King Saud University.


The International Arab Conference for the Welfare of the Gifted and Distinguished (Together for Supporting the Gifted and Creators in\ a rapidly changing world) Amman, Jordan, 1426H.

The Regional Scientific Conference for the Gift, Jeddah, 1427 H.

The First Cultural Forum for 1427H, in the Kindergarten Education Department, King Saud University.

The Woman’s Forum and her role in the development of the community services organizations, Ru’oya Center for Social Studies, Buraidah, Quassim, 1428 H.

Participation in Bedaya Channel (A Kuwaiti Saudi Channel) Broadcasting from Arab Republic of Egypt.

Participation with articles in the Saudi Newspapers and Magazines.