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 Name                         :           ISMAIL ASAAD ISMAIL JOHARJY

Date of Birth            :           01/Rajab/1370H (1950)

Married with            :           four children

Contact Address      :           Radiology Department, King Khalid University

Hospital (KKUH), P. O. Box 7805, Riyadh 11461 Saudi Arabia

Office Telephone     :           467-1155 (via secretary)

Home Telephone     :           460-5450                   Mobile No.    055-960-2736

Email                         : 


Academic Qualifications:

1)     MD (Medical Doctor), June 1974 from Shiraz University (Pahlavi University), Shiraz - Iran

2)     DMRD (Diploma in Medical Radiodiagnosis), February 1980 from the conjoined Board of the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians, London, England, UK

3)     FFR (RCSI) (Fellowship of the Faculty of Radiologists of the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, June 1981 

Academic and Professional Appointments:

1.         Assistant Professor and Consultant Radiologist

King Saud University, Medical School

KKUH / KAUH (University Hospital)

Since January 1982 till present date

2.         Senior Registrar in Diagnostic Radiology at St. Georges (Teaching) Hospital, London, England

September 1981 till December 1981

3.         Registrar in Diagnostic Radiology

St. Georges (Teaching) Hospital

London, England

October 1976 till August 1981

4.         SHO and Medical Demonstrator

King Saud University (Ex-Riyad University), Medical Faculty and at the Teaching Hospital

December 1974 till April 1976

5.         Intern (HO) Rotating at Pahlavi University (Shiraz University) Teaching Hospitals

July 1973 till September 1974

Membership and Affiliations:

1.         Member of Royal College of Radiologists

London, England

Since 1976 till 2008

2.         Fellow of Faculty of Radiologists, Ireland

1981 till now

3.         Member of Radiological Society of North America

1985 till 2007

4.         Member of American College of Radiologists

1990 till 2000

5.         Member of Roentgen Ray Society

1990 till 2000

Academic and Professional Activities:

1.         Teaching undergraduates (Medical Students) in the field of Chest and Cardiovascular Radiology Course 365 since 1982 till now.

2.         Teaching and training Postgraduate Physicians in the field of Chest Radiology, Mammography and ENT Radiology since 1985 till now.

3.         Chief Radiologist in the field of Chest Radiology coordinating and supervising the Reporting by Registrars and Senior Registrars, particularly CT Chest.

4.         Supevising the weekly Chest Meeting.

5.         Giving consultations in Chest Radiology for Pulmonologists, Intensivest and Chest Surgeons as well as other Consultant Physicians in Chest Radiology.

6.         Giving consultations in Mammography, Breast Ultrasound and MRI of the Breast.

7.         Consultant in the field of ENT Radiology.

8.         Giving tutorials and lectures to postgraduate trainees in Chest Radiology.

9.         Cooperating and conducting research in Chest Radiology with other Physicians.

Administrative and Non-Academic Activities:

1.         Director of Radiology in KAUH (King Abdulaziz University Hospital) since 1982 till 2007

2.         Vice Dean for Administrative Affairs, College of Dentistry, King Saud University, 1985 till 1987

3.         Member of Radiation Protection Committee (being representative of College of Medicine) since 1983 till 1994

4.         Member of Promotion Committee of the Department of Radiology since 1990 till 2005

5.         Chairman, Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, King Saud University, 2005 till 2007.

Papers Accepted for Publications:

1.         Right and Left Ventricular Function and Pulmonary Artery Pressure in Patients with Bronchiectasis.

Abdulaziz H. Alzeer, Abdulellah F. Al-Mobeirek, Hadil A. K. Al-Otair, Usama A. F. Elzamzamy, Ismail A. Joharjy and Ahemd S. Shaffi

Chest 2008; 133; 468-473.  Prepublished online December 10, 2007.

2.         Middle Ear Cholesteatoma:  Characteristic CT Findings in 64 Patients.

Joselito L. Gaurano, Ismail A. Joharjy

Annals of Saudi Medicine 2004, 24(6):  442-447.

3.         Allergic Bronchopulmonary Mycosci in Patients with Asthma:  Period Prevalence at a University Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

A. F. Al Mobairik, M. Gadelrab, A. Al Heidthi, I. A. Joharjy

Respiratory Medicine (2001) 95, 341-347.

4.         Predictors of Radiological Sequelae of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

M. S. Al Hajjaj and I. A. Joharjy

Acta Radiological 41 (2000), 533-537.

5.         Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis:  Disease Pattern in Central Arabia.

A. Mobeireek, M. O. Gadelrab, I. Joharjy, et al.

Tropical Medicine and International Health, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 34-40, January 1998.

6.         Hyperlucent Lung in a Patient with Mitral Valve Disease

A. Mobeireek, I. Joharjy, A. Mubarak

Chest, Vol. 114, p. 1469-1471, Nov. 1998.

7.         Uncommon Metastases of Bronchopulmonary Neuroendocrine Tumors.

Boshra A. Yousef, Bassam Sammak, Mohamed A. Al Thagafi, Ismail A. Joharjy, Moha Hajaj, Fadi Gharab.

Saudi Medical Journal 1998, Vol. 19(4):  514-518.

8.         Surgery for Post Intubation Tracheal and Tracheosubglottic Stenotic Lesions.

M. Ashour, K. Al Kattan, M. Seraj, Ismail Joharjy

Annals of Saudi Medicine, Vol. 16, No. 5, 1996.

9.         The "Temporocele".

Hashash M, Attalah M. I. A. Joharjy.

The Journal of Otolaryngology, November 1995, Vol. 24, Number 6, 370-374.

10.       Temporocele

M. Hashash, M. Attalah, Joharjy, I. A.

The Practitioners, East Mediterranean Edition, April 1996, 215-219.

11.       Validity of CT for Cholesteatoma

Hashash M, Bafaqeeh S, Joharjy IA, Shaffy A.

The Practitioners, East Mediterranean Edition, February 1995; 93-96.

12.       The Clinical and Brain CT Features of Old Infantile Hemiplegia.

Abduljabbar M, Mahdi AH, Obeid T, Shaman AR, Joharjy IA.

Saudi Medical Journal 1994, 15(1), 52-55.

13.       Spontaneous Intra Pleural Rupture of Mediastinal Teratoma.

Ashour M, Hawass NS, Adan Kar, Joharjy IA.

Respiratory Medicine 1993; 87:  69-72.

14.       Uncommon Scintigraphic Findings of Multiple Hepatic Hemangiomas.

El-Desouki M, Joharjy IA, Mzrakchi AM, Bash SA.

Clinical Nuclear Medicine, March 1991; 16:  178-181.

15.       Fluid-Aided Sonography of the Stomach and Duodenum in the Diagnosis of Peptic Ulcer Disease in Adult Patients.

Joharjy IA, Mustafa MA, Zaidi AJ.

Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 1990; 9:  77-84.

N. B.

This article was chosen to be put in the Yearbook of Ultrasound for the Year 1991, as being one of the best articles for that year.

16.       Management of Post-Tuberculous Complex Aspergilloma of the Lung:  Role of Surgical Resection.

Al-Majed SA, Ashour M, Joharjy IA, Al Wazzan A, Al Hajjaj MI, Vijay R.

Thorax 1990:  45:  846-849.

17.       Swyer-James Syndrome:  A Case Report.

Bashi SA, Khan M, Joharjy IA, El-Desouki M, Muzrakchi A.

Annals of Saudi Medicine, 1988; 8(2):  149-151.

18.       Primary Cardiac Echinococcosis:  Report of Two Cases with Review of Literature.

Noah MS, Hawass ND, Joharjy IA, Abdel Hafez M.

Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 1988; 82(1), 67-72.

19.       Immotile-Cilia Syndrome with Azospermia:  A Case Report and Reviews of Literature.

Bashi S, Khan MA, Guirjis S, IA Joharjy, MA Abid.

Br. J. Disease of Chest, 1988; 82:  194-196.

20.       Value of Medium-Thickness CT in the Diagnosis of Bronchiectasis.

Joharjy IA, Bashi SA, Abdullah AK.

AJR December 1987, 149:  1133-1137.

N. B.

This article is cited in textbooks and other leading articles.

21.       Young Syndrome.

Khan MA, Noah MS, Bashi SA, Joharjy IA, Obaid N.

Euro J. Respiratory Dis. 1987; 70:  62-64.

22.       Prevalence of Mitral Valve Prolapse in Healthy Saudi Woman.

Noah MS, Al Harthy, Joharjy IA, Al-Sedairy RM.

International Journal of Cardiology 1987; 14:  65-69.

23.       Tuberculous Oesophago Pulmonary Communications Effectiveness of Anti-Tuberculous Chemotherapy:  A Case Report and Review of Literature.

Basi SA, Laajam MB, Joharjy IA, Abdullah AK.

Digestion 1985; 32:  145-148.


1.         Dr. Moslem Al Saadi

Vice Dean, College of Medicine

Consultant Pediatric Pulmonologist and Associate Professor

King Saud University

2.         Dr. Abdulrahman Al Bassam

Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Consultant Surgeon

College of Medicine, King Saud University


3.         Dr. Ahmad Bahammam

Professor of Pulmonology and Consultant Physician

College of Medicine, King Saud University

4.         Dr. Abdullah Al Mobaireek

Professor of Pulmonology, Consultant Physician

King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh

5.         Dr. Dorothy Makanjuola

Professor of Radiology, Consultant Radiologist

National Guard Hospital, Riyadh




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