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Full Name:                           Mohamed Osman Ahmed Mahjoub

Occupation:                         Researcher

Present Address: King Saud Univ. Agric. College

                                                P.O. Box 2460, Riyadh 11451

                                                Email address

                                                Fax: (01) 4678441

Telephone No:     4627408 (Res.) ,  4673419 (Office), 056201424

Date of Birth:                       1/1/1953

Place of Birth:     Marawai- Sudan

Martial Status:                      Married with a daughter and two sons

Health:                  Excellent



OBJECTIVE:              Researcher in soil fertility, plant nutrition and fertilization.

 SUMMARY :              

·        Thirty years experience in research and teaching in soil fertility and fertilizers

·        Khartoum University graduate with B.Sc and M.Sc  in Agriculture and Soil Science

·        Fluent in spoken/written Arabic, and English



                                                                 M.Sc. (Agriculture): Department of Soil Science  1980

                                                                Emphasis:             Reclamation of Saline and Sodic Soils.                                        

                                                                                Thesis" Effect of Gypsum. Farm Yard Manure Applications and Tillage on the Reclamation of a Saline Sodic Soils".

B.Sc. (Agriculture): Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Sudan, 1975

Option:                 Soil Science




                                                                Demonstrator and Researcher in the soil science department King Saud Univ. Agric. College August 1980 -Present



·         Conduct research in the soil science department as a researcher and research assistant in a broad range of soil science related topics (soil salinity, soil water relations, soil physics and soil fertility and fertilizers..

·         Assisted in some of the publication of papers or project in the department.

·         Maintains and manage the growth chambers in the department 

·         Collect and analyze soil and plant samples for the department.



·         مشروع الحصر الشامل  للغابات في  المنطقة الغربية والجنوبية الغربية من المملكة (حصر التربة وتقييم خصوبتها) –باحث-


·         Taught  undergraduate and post graduate students practical classes in  the following courses:

·         Soil Fertility

·         Fertilizers and Fertilization

·         Salt Affected Soils

·         Plant nutrition

·         Soil and Water Conservation

·         Fundamentals of Soil Science


Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Agric. Univ. of Khartoum, Sudan

                                                                October 1976 to July1980

 ·         Teaching Soil Science classes as a teaching assistant.

                                                                Soil Surveyor at the soil survey administration, Ministry of Agriculture (Sudan)

                                                                Aug. 1975 to October.1976

 ·         Conducted soil survey in various parts in the country

·         Assisted in writing the soil survey report for the surveyed areas



·         Operating System: Windows Platform

·         Microsoft Application: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Access.

·         SAS

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