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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Supervisor of the Following Masters (M.Sc.) Projects in Biochemistry


1.         A study of lipids, lipoproteins and apolipoprotein in Saudis (Ms Mona Khames Al-Dosary ), 1994

2.         A study of a1 antitrypsin in health and disease in Saudi population. (Ms Haifa Al Mubarak), 1995.

3.         Study of the molecular basis of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in Saudis (Ms Nada Tasaan), 1995.

4.        The prognostic value of some hormonal and biochemical parameters in critical illness (Ms May Al Mohaisen). December, 1998.

5.         A study of cortisol lipids and lipoproteins in crticially ill patients (Ms. Abeer Halawani), 1999.

6.                  The levels of electrolytes in critically ill patients (Ms Amal Abu Makaram),1999.

7.        Diagnosis of Leischmaniasis in Saudi population using Polymerase Chain Reaction (Ms AlBandri Al Bakhait), 2002.

8.        Variations in leptin levels in relation to other pregnancy hormones during pregnancy in Saudi females (Ms Fatima Al Atawi) 2003.

9.        Study of leptin is pre- and post menopausal Saudi females (Ms Nashwa Shafiq), 2004.

10.       Mutations in leptin receptor gene in obesity – a study in Saudis (Ms Maha Sulaiman) 2004 

Co-Supervisor of the following Master (M.Sc.) Projects in Biochemistry 

1.         A study of Lp(a) in patients cardiovascular diseases (Ms Rihab Nooh), May, 1998. 

2.               Sickle cell gene and awareness about sickle cell disease in Saudi females. (Ms. Dallal Shea- 2006

  Co-supervisor of the following Ph.D.  Projects in Botany:

1.          Physiologicaly study of Rumex Vesicarius (L)(Ms May Mohammed Al-Rumaih2001

2.          Study of the effect of Cadmium on Cowpea in presence and absence of gilberallic acid (Ms Mona Mohamed Al-Rumaih). 2001


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