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Cousre 481 questions and answers:

Q1. a patient with a cardiac valvar prosthesis will become pregnant. During the pregnancy, she should be


(A)        evaluated for valve replacement due to cardiac enlargement

(B)        kept on low – dose oral antibiotics

(C)        anticoagulated with heparin

(D)        anticoagulated with dextran

(E)        antcoagulated with dicumarol






Answer :E




Q3. A 31- year-old patient present with a hematocrit of 31% at 25 weeks’ gestation. Her mean corpuscular volume (MCV) is 105, her mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) is 33, and her mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) is 36. Serum iron is 100mg/dL. There is no evidence of abnormal bleeding, the most appropriate diagnosis is


(A)        normocytic , normochromic anemia

(B)        normal

(C)        macrocytic anemia

(D)        microcytic anemia

(E)        hemolysis   



Answer :C





Ultrasound Diploma Questions and answers:



1.      The ….. is a branch of posterior division of internal iliac artery :     

            a.         Internal pudendal artery

            b.         Superior gluteal artery       T

            c.         Obturator artery

            d.         Inferior gluteal artery

            e.         Uterine artery


2.      Regarding vessels of the pelvis, all the following statements   are correct, EXCEPT:


            a.         The median sacral artery is a branch of the abdominal aorta

            b.         The ovarian artery supplies the lateral part of uterine tube

            c.         The vaginal artery supplies the urinary bladder

            d.         Venous plexuses draining pelvic viscera communicate with    internal vertebral venous plexus

            e.         All the branches of anterior division of internal iliac artery are visceral branches                             T


3.      Fertilization usually occurs between the menstrual days:


            a.         4-6 days

            b.         7-9 days

            c.         12-16 days                    T

            d.         19-22 days

            e.         23-27 days

4.      Ovulation


            a.         Occurs 6-8 hours after the start of leutinizing hormone (LH) surge at the mid cycle

            b.         Ovum lies approximately 24 hours after extruded from the follicle

            c.         Isolated intercourse on the first and second day before ovulation led to pregnancy                                            T

            d.         Some sperm can survive in female genital tract and cause                                             fertilization up to 160 hours before ovulation

            e.         Most fertile period is 12 hours before ovulation



5.      The main objective of Ultrasound in pregnancy is:


            a.         Perform to confirm the routine pregnancy

            b.         It might be used to determine the size of the uterus or the fetus

            c.         To detect multiple or Ectopic pregnancy

            d.         To confirm the due date

            e.         All of the above                                        T




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