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          Community& University Education Programmes:----------


1.         Four teaching sessions on Recurrent Abortion, Pre-eclampsia, IUGR, Hypertension in Pregnancy and Threatened Abortion at the Medical Magazine at the Saudi Television Channel 2, 1997, 1998, 1999.

2.         Two teaching sessions on Fasting and Pregnancy, Osteoporosis, Saudi Television, Channel 2, 1998, 1999.

3.         Teaching sessions on Vaginal Discharge and Menstrual Abnormalities and Osteoporosis, Saudi Radio, Channel 1, 1998, 1999, 2000.

4.         Lecture on Osteoporosis Prevention & Treatment, Prince Salman Community Center, Riyadh, At the Osteoporosis Day, 1999.

5.         Lecture on Infertility Causes & Management and Recurrent Abortion Causes & Management at Alkhozama Center, Riyadh, at the Woman Health Day, Nov. 1999.

6.         Lecture on Vaginal Discharge, Causes & Management, Teachers College, Riyadh, Oct. 2000.

7.         Lecture on Osteoporosis Causes, Prevention & Management, Prince Salman Community Center, Riyadh, March 2001.

8.      Lecture on Breast Disease management, Dr. S. AlHabib Medical        

        Center,Riyadh, Jun 2002.

9.      Osteoporosis update lecture, CME program, Maternity &Child

          Hospital , Pharmacy Dept.  Oct. 2002.

12.         Pre-marital counseling symposium,  Moderator,  Girls college, King Saud university , April 2003.

11. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, Symposium on heredity and community, King Saud university, Girls section , Riyadh, April 2006


12.    Teacher in the KSU Ob/Gyn ultrasound Diploma Since 2007.

13.     Ultrasound markers of chromosomal abnormalities, the ultrasound course at KSU, 2008.

14.     Two Lectures on Menstrual cycle abnormaliy & vaginal Discharge/Prince Noura University/ Al Faisal Academy/March 2009

15.   Saudi 1 TV (5 episodes) of Doctors, 2010

16- Babay Z,  Gynecological health, Woman health workshop, college of science, KSU, dec2011


17- Babay Z. Irregular cycle & PCO, Woman health workshop, college of science, KSU, Dec2011

18- Babay Z. Safety of ultrasound in OB GYn, Radiology safety, College of applied medicine , KSU, Nov 2011

19- Babay Z, Biochemistry gradute preparation for work , college of science, KSU, oct 2011

20- Osce Course, RKH, Riyadh, dec2011






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