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1.         Reviewer for the Saudi Medical Journal.

2.         Reviewer for the Annals of Saudi Medicine

3.         Reviewer for the Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology

4.         Member of the Scientific Committee of the First Regional Symposium on Ethical and Genetic Counseling Issues, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1999.

5.         Reviewer for the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology research projects (KACST)

6.         Reviewer for the Case Record and Commentary for the Saudi board in OB/GYN since 1997

7.         Provider for the MCQ Exam Questions for the Saudi Board in OB/GYN since 1997

8.        Member of PNT Committee KKUh, 2008

9.        Member of the Academic titles committee, KKUH, 2008

8.        Member of P&T Committee KKUH, 2008

9.        Member of the Academic titles committee, KKUH, 2008

10.      Member of the research ethics committee of college of medicine, KSU, 2008

11.      Reviewer for Taiba University Medical Journal 2009.

12 .     Reviewer for the American Journal of Kidney Disease 2009.

13.      Reviewer for the British Journal of Ob Gyn 2009.

14.      Evaluation of applicants for license in OB GYN ultrasound, Saudi council for health specialties, 2006- present

15.       Reviewer for King Abdulaziz university/ Jeddah/ research & promotion -2007-till now.

16.      Reviewer for promotion papers for King Khaled university/ABha 2009-till now

17.        Reviewer for Om Al Qura university promotion papers/ Makka 2009-till now

18.          Reviewer for King Abudullah institution for studies 2009-2010. 


Membership of Professional Organization:--------------------


1.         Active member of the Saudi OB/GYN Society since 1992.

2.         Member of the society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of Canada since 1996.

3.         Junior Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists since 1994.

4.         member of the National Perinatal Association since 1997.

5.         member of the American Institute of ultrasound in Medicine since January 1997.

6.         Member of the Saudi Osteoporosis Society since 1998.

7.         Member of the college of Medicine Research Center (CMRC) 1998-2001.

8.         International Associate Fellow of the American college of Obstetrics & Gynaecology since 1999.

9.        Member of the Reasearch Committee, CMRC, College of Medicine , KSU, 2007- Present

8.        Member of P&T Committee KKUH, 2008

9.        Member of the Academic titles committee, KKUH, 2008

10.     Member of the international society of ultrasound in OB GYN 2008- present



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