Curriculum Vitae
(in Brief)

Dr. Mohammed S. R. Alanazi



Assistant Professor

College of Science

King Saud University

P.O.Box 87532

Riyadh 11652

Saudi Arabia

e-mail         ( msanazi@ksu.edu.sa )

Tel:             4675799 - 4675952

Lab:            4675960

Fax:            4675791




* B. Sc. King Saud University

* M. Sc. Iowa state University Ames – molecular cellular and developmental program 

* Ph.D University of Kentucky – Lexington – USA Department of Biochemistry – College of Medicine




* Department:

·        Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry.

·        Convener of the committee evaluation master students proposals.

·        Convener of the seminars committee.

·        Member of curricula committee

·        Member of the demonstrators committee.

·        Member of the nomination committee for the outstanding teacher award.


 * College:

·        Member of the college of science Board

·        Member of the Molecular biology and genetic engineering master program.

·        Member of Research center from 2002 to 2004.


* University:

·        Chairman of the genomic unit. King Saud University

·        Member of the Nanotechnology committee at KSU.

·        Member of the committee supervising the National applied projects.

·        Member of the KSU scientific Oasis ( KASAP ).