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Courses (Selected)

ARCH 243 Building Materials           2 (2 + 0)      

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A brief analysis of primary and secondary groups of building materials, their properties, products and use and application in building construction. The materials include: stone, ceramics, red bricks and blocks, gypsum cement and mortars, concretes of different types, metals, glass, fiber-reinforced materials, bituminous products, plastics, rubber, and water-proofing sealants. Study of simple constructions: load-bearing walls, openings formation and roofs. The course includes practical exercises and reports on fieldwork.

ARCH 487 Modern Construction Techniques    2 (2+0)   

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Introduction and analysis of the main techniques of construction systems. Classification and review of contemporary methods of subtracting, adding and forming used in manufacture of building components. Study of the major building production trends with regard to the various  production techniques such as: system building, components and modular approach and unconventional cast-in situ techniques.

ARCH 330 Architectural Design-2    5 (0 + 10 Studio)

The course aims at relating the building to its surrounding natural and man-made environment. This is achieved by a through investigation of the sites impact on the evolving design, and the study of the various environmental elements on the architectural form and its internal spaces. The course addresses the philosophy behind the conceptual design ideas, as well as the development of the students' presentation skills. The course proceeds through the following stages:

·         A study of projects of administrative or religious facilities.

·         At least two or three projects.

·         Two sketch designs on specific design problems.

·         Students are encouraged to use manual drafting and rendering techniques.

ARCH 450 Architectural Design-4    5 (0 + 10 Studio)

Study of building complex projects dealing with non-conventional cultural, social and symbolic issues and attempting to link them to urban tissue (public facilities of multifunctional nature). At least two projects and two design quizzes to be undertaken. Analysis of precedent case-studies. Encourage students to use acquired skills (sketches, preliminary drawings and study models). Use of CAD for final presentation of projects.

ARCH 460 Architectural Design-5    5 (Studio 10 +0)

Comprehensive design of large scale building, considering the integration of the various engineering systems. Design quizzes are used as means of incorporating engineering systems, i.e. by defining the appropriate systems selected and their application in the architectural design. Evaluation of student final design will be on basis of the successful the integration of engineering systems in the architectural design.

ARCH 490 Graduation project          6 (0+12 Studio)

Definition of the design problem, (the project). Concept formation and alternative design concepts. Preparation and development of  the preliminary design. Development of design incorporating the concepts of engineering systems used. Preparation of the volumetric configurations of the masses and interior spaces of the project. Writing a brief design report. Finalization and presentation to the final Jury panel for evaluation.


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