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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


(Curriculum Vitae)

Personal Information:

Name: Abdullah Mohammad Hassan Al-Saeedi

Address: Riyadh-King Saud University- College of Education, Department of Islamic culture.


Office telephone: 4674714

Secretary telephone: 4674733

Mobile: 0554425558

Academic Qualifications:

§        Bachelor degree of Law (Shariah), Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University on 1405H.

§        Master's degree in Jurisprudence, King Saud University on 1411H.

§        PHD in Jurisprudence, Islamic University in Al-Madinah on 1416H.

§        General Specialization: Jurisprudence and its Origins.

§        Specific Specialization: Contemporary Financial dealings.

§        Work: Teaching Staff member, King Saud University, department of Islamic culture.

§        Scientific Degree: Associate Professor.

Scientific activities:

1-      Master's degree research that is entitled (The Guaranty Letter, its graduation and its judgment in Islamic Jurisprudence, comparative Juristic study in law.

2-      The PHD thesis that is entitled (Usury in contemporary financial Dealings) printed in two big volumes and the first edition is distributed and the second one is about to be distributed completely.

3-      A research entitled (The Ideology of Scientists in Al-Tawarok) that is published in the contemporary magazine of juristic researches, the edition number 63.

4-      (The Ideologies of scientists in Al-Aina) that is published in Al-Deraeia Magazine, the edition number 26.

5-      (AL-Tawarok in the experience of banks in the present time) that is published within the activities of the seventeenth session of the Islamic Juristic complex in Mecca and is published in this complex.

6-      (Marginal Trading, a Juristic depictive study) that is published within activities of the eighteenth session of the Islamic Juristic complex in Holy Mecca.

7-        (Mutual Cooperative Insurance, Reporting and Editing) that is the subject of the third scientific forum to the Juristic Saudi Committee on Moharam on 1426H.

8-      Rules and regulations of Health Insurance in Islamic Jurisprudence that is accepted to be published in the Medical Jurisprudence Encyclopedia. 

9-      Fabrication and its verdict in Islamic Jurisprudence, a research presented to the legal opinions (fatwa) forum and its rules that will be held in Islamic World Union in Mecca on Moharam on 1429H.

10- Participating in composition of the book entitled (Economic system in Islam) that is taught in King Saud University.

11- Teaching curriculum of Islamic Economy and dealings to Bachelor master and PHD students in King Saud University.

12- Discussing and supervising scientific thesis.


Festivals and Forums:

13- Attending the forum of conceptual overlapping and integration in sciences, Ibn Zahr University, Aghadeer on 1419H.

14- Attending the annual economical Baraka Forums beginning from 1419 to 1428H.

15- Attending and participating in some discussion sessions in the Research center of Islamic Economy in Jeddah that are related to some curriculum.

16- Participating in the two last sessions of the Islamic Juristic complex in Mecca (17, 18).

17- Attending the fourth international forum of the Islamic Economy, Om Al-Kora University.

18- Participating in the forums of the Saudi Juristic Committee.

Committees and Scientific commissions:

1-       Member of the Islamic Culture Department Council, King Saud University.

2-       Member of the Researches Center in college of Education.

3-       Member of the Committee of develoaping in college of Education, King Saud University.

4-       Member of the Saudi Committee for Educational and Psychological Sciences (Justin).

5-       Board of Directors member in the Saudi Juristic Committee.

6-       Member of the International Islamic body for Economy and Finance that is

7-       Member of the Jurists Union in the Site of Islamic Jurisprudence that is



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