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Name:  Nasser M. Alfawzan

Title:    Associate Professor

College of Business

Department of Management

Tel: 467-4289


Address: P. O. Box  89671

Riyadh, 11692

Saudi Arabia






1986   B.S. in Public Administration, King Saud University

1990       Master of Public Administration, Penn. Sate Univ. USA

1996       PhD in Public Administration, N.Y. State Univ. USA

2002         Post Doctorate in Health Administration- Health Insurance, Univ. of

             OK. USA


Academic Interest


Strategic Planning

Planning and Program Evaluation

Organizational Change and Development

Human Resources Management

Health Insurance

Research Method




1. Journal Articles


  • Employees' Resistance to Change in Government Agencies: Reasons and Resolutions (1998).
  • Strategies for Dealing with Employees' Resistance to Change in Governmental Agencies: An Exploratory Study (1998).
  • Nurses' Strategies for Coping with Job-related Stress (1998).
  • Job Characteristics and Level of Job-related Stress (2002).
  • The Effect of Organizational Politics and Demographic Variables on Organizational Commitment  in Public Enterprises (2003).
  •  The Consequences of Reducing Service Duration for Retirement in Saudi Civil Service System: An Exploratory Study (2003).
  • Factors Risking Patient Safety in Saudi Arabian Hospitals (2005).
  • Evaluation of Public Administration's Literature in Arabic Scientific Journals (2004).
  • Partnership  between Universities and Private Sectors in Scientific Research in Saudi Arabia (2005).
  • Youth abandonment of  Nursing Profession in light of Rising Rate  of Unemployment (2006).


  1. Books


Program Evaluation: Principles and Practices ( in review)




  • 1997-2003      Assistant Professor
  • 2003- Present   Associate Professor
  • 1999-2000      MPA coordinators
  • 1999-2000      Part-time consultant, Interior Ministry
  • 2003-2004      MHHA  coordinator
  • 2003-2006      Member of Research Center Council , College of Adminst.


  • 2005-2007      Consultant- Deanship of Graduate Studies, KSU
  • 2005-2006      Part-time Consultant, Ministry of Higher Education
  • 2005-2006      Team member – Organizational Project, KFMC
  • 2007- Present   Full-time Consultant,  , Ministry of Higher Education
  • 2007- Present    General Manager of Scholarship Depart. MOHE



Thesis, project Supervision


  • Supervised a large number of students' thesis and projects in the Master of Public Administration  Program and the Master of Health and Hospital Administrations.


  • Supervised the study "Current and Future of Working Expatriates in the Private Sector".  Riyadh Economic Forum.
  • Supervised the study" Female Economic Participation in the Kingdom". Riyadh Economic Forum
  • Participated as a team member  in  the study " Increasing Performance of Government Agencies. Riyadh Economic Forum


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