Malaz University Campus 


DDA 214 – Dental Clinic Procedures for the Dental Assistant – II 

Course Director:           Dr. Johara Al Hussyeen

Course Description:  

The course is consists of two parts given through out the academic year. 

I.              Didactic (lectures)

II.             Practical ( clinical & laboratory) 

This two – part course expands upon the material taught in first year to promote in the student an attitude of self-assurance, independence, initiative, and proficiency in personal and clinical skills.  The didactic and practical components of this comprehensive training in clinical procedures will prepare the student for the responsibilities inherent in the profession of dental assisting.  

Course Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to expose the student to a variety of clinical experiences which will provide an opportunity to practice the skills acquired in first year.  Information will be presented which will promote the acquisition of additional expertise in these areas of clinical assisting, while expanding on technique and knowledge.  The emphasis of this course is to refine the clinical abilities of the student to effectively encourage active independent participation as a critical member of the dental health team. 

Specific Course Objectives: 

Upon successful completion of this course, given a clinic situation, each student will be able to: 

1.         Practice with proficiency all objectives as outlined in the First Year Clinical Procedures Course.

2.         Be competent to function independently as a chairside dental assistant.

3.         Be able to coordinate armamentarium, prepare the tray set-ups, and be proficient performing four-handed techniques as appropriate when functioning in the capacity of a chairside assistant in the following procedures.

i)              Prosthodontics

ii)             Endodontics

iii)            Pedodontics

iv)            Periodontics

v)             Minor Oral Surgery

vi)            Orthodontics

vii)           Advanced Operative Dentistry 

4.         Be able to assist the dentist in monitoring the general management of the

patient’s progress through registration, appointment procedures,

subsequent appointment scheduling, and referrals to other departments or


5.               Be able to deliver pre and post care instructions to patients as outlined by the dentist and manage the dispatch receipt and handling of laboratory work, freeing the dentist for other more expedient duties.


6.               Independently maintain the operatory and surrounding area in as acceptable condition in accordance with regulation aseptic techniques.


7.                 Prepare an operatory for the care and management of patients with special needs:

i)              Small children

ii)             Handicapped individuals

iii)            Elderly patients

iv)            Pregnant women

v)             Medically compromised patients


Evaluation will be conducted in two (2) independent segments. Out of 100 over the whole year.

1.         Continuous Evaluation: (60%)

Distributed as follows:

I.              Quizzes (Lecture / Briefing)                    - 15%

II.             Midyear Test (written)                             - 10%

III.            Clinical Evaluation & Logbook                - 15%

IV.           Spotter Tests                                        - 10%

V.            Practical Tests                                      - 10%

            Quizzes will be held during class time thorough out the year. 

Mid-Term examination will include materials from the entire first term.  

The final examination will be a comprehensive examination, including material from all classroom sessions for the entire year. 

2.         Final Examination:  (40%) 

            Distributed as follows: 

1.  Final Written             -  20%

II.  Final Practical           -  20%

The student should pass both the written and practical components to pass the course. 

General Information for the Student:

The focus of this course is to expand on the material taught in DDA 114.  Entering into this course, the student should have a basic level of knowledge which allows for supervised assisting in the University Dental Clinic.  This course will expand the clinical skills of the Dental Assistant leading to a more productive role as a member of the Dental Health Team.  This knowledge base will define and outline specialized clinic procedures which will enable the assistant to function competently in either a General or Specialty Dental Practice.

Log Book:

The student is responsible for ensuring that her own logbook is made up properly, following each clinical session.

Clinical Evaluation Sheet:

An evaluation sheet, official document, is maintained which list the procedures to be mastered at this level.  Procedures listed in the evaluation sheet will be observed and graded in accordance with fulfillment of the course objectives. 

Each student is responsible for securing her own evaluation sheet and should be brought by student each session.


  1. Modern Dental Assisting, Torres and Erlich, 7th Edition.
  2. Comprehensive Dental Assisting , B. Finkbeiner, C. Johnson
  3. Supplemental Materials may be provided