Course number & Code : 414 Najd

Course title: Arabization  (Level Seven )/ Contact Hours: 2


The course aims at introducing students to the concept of Arabization and its development. It discusses in detail the civilizational, linguistic, political, religious, scientific, economic, educational and social dimensions of Arabization in the Arab world. The institutions involved in executing and experimenting Arabization in the Arab countries are referred to with a view to uncover the arabizing strategy in the Arab world and expose the problems facing the Arabization of fields in natural, medical, and technical sciences in Arab universities. The course also discusses the relation of Arabization to terminology and the role of mass media in spreading the use of Arabized terms. The course draws students' attention to organizational and linguistic problems in the Arabization of scientific and technical terms. Concepts such as diglossia, bilingualism, code switching, multiplicity of dialects, duplication of terminology, synonymy, and polysemy are defined and discussed in relation to Arabization. Problems of acceptability and multiplicity of coiners are also discussed.