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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة




1.         Which of the following is/are signs of early cellulitis?

            a)         Redness                                                                                                         (T)

            b)         Hotness                                                                                                          (T)

            c)         Pain                                                                                                                (T)

            d)         Abscess                                                                                                         (F)

            e)         Oedema                                                                                                         (T)


2.         Which of the following infections are caused by staphylococci?

            a)         Celluitis                                                                                                          (F)

            b)         Furuncle (boil)                                                                                                (T)

            c)         Carbuncle                                                                                                      (T)

            d)         Axillary hair follicle abscess                                                                       (T)

            e)         lymphangitis                                                                                                   (F)

3.         Which of the following are systemic manifestations of infection?

            a)         Fever                                                                                                              (T)

            b)         tachycardia                                                                                                    (T)

            c)         Hypotension                                                                                                   (T)

            d)         Renal impairment                                                                                          (T)

            e)         Toxaemia                                                                                                       (T)


4.         Which of the following statements regarding tetanus is/are true?

            a)         it is caused by clostredium tetani                                                                (T)

            b)         it is a neurotoxin                                                                                            (T)

            c)         it leads to muscle spasm                                                                             (T)

            d)         it is common in Saudi Arabia                                                                      (F)

            e)         active immunization is effective in its prevention                                    (T)


5.         Which of the following statements regarding abscess is/are true?

            a)         incision and drainage is usually adequate                                                (T)

            b)         antibiotic is usually requires in deep abscess                                           (T)

            c)         it is a collection of pus                                                                                      (T)

            d)         culture of pus is not recommended                                                              (F)

            e)         it is common in immuno-compromised patients                                       (T)


1.         Which of the following infections are usually treated by penicillin?

            a)         lymphangitis

            b)         cellulitis

            c)         subacute bacterial endocarditis (SBE)                                                      E

            d)         non of the above

            e)         all of the above


2.         The following are features of ideal antibiotic except:

            a)         less toxic       

            b)         expensive                                                                                                       B        

            c)         specific after culture and sensitivity

            d)         adequate dose

            e)         full course

3.         The following are known side effects of some antibiotics except?

            a)         liver impairment

            b)         renal impairment

            c)         nausea and vomiting                                                                                    D

            d)         cancer

            e)         hypersensitivity reaction

4.         Prophylactic antibiotics is usually given before the following operations except:

            a)         cholecystectomy for gallstones

            b)         renal operations for stones

            c)         dental extraction in patient with mitral valve disease

            d)         perforated appendix                                                                                     D

            e)         vascular graft operation                   

5.         The following micro-organisms produce exotoxin except:

            a)         clostredium tetani

            b)         clostridium butulinum

            c)         clostridium perfrengins

            d)         staph aureus                                                                                                  D

            e)         strains of E. coli


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