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PHCL 451: Principles of Drug Information

Course Syllabus

 Course Coordinator:

Lina Ashoor, Pharm D. Office #12 Bldg. 7; email:

Course Instructors

Lina Ashoor, Pharm D. Office #12 Bldg. 7; email:

Course Facilitators

Noha Alaloola, B.SC. Office#40 bldg 7. Email:

Salha Jokhab, B.Sc. Office#40 bldg

Norah Alosaymi,B.Sc.Office#40 bldg7

Office hours for instructors and facilitators are posted on the office bulletin board.

Course Schedule: (Day/location/Time).

Sessions will be held at Drug Information Lab Bldg. 1 room# 7

Saturday              section 6872          09:00- 12:00 noon

Wednesday          section 1846,2519    09:00- 12:00 noon

Note: fore Wednesday sections sessions will be held at room 2 bldg 1

Course Description:

ü       This course explores the fundamental aspects of drug information,

 the myriad of drug literature and drug information systems.

ü       It is designed as an introductory course to teach the student

the basic principles of drug information pertaining to retrieval.

Course Educational Goal:

ü       To develop the skills necessary to research and respond to

drug information requests.

Course Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this course the student should be able to:

1-       Identify and list different types of information resources available

2-       Develop critical understanding of the strengths and

 limitations of these resources

3-       Retrieve/use drug information from appropriate resources

4-       Apply a systematic and efficient procedure to retrieve appropriate

drug information to answer a request

5-       formulate a drug information response based on the requestor’s level

of understanding

6-       Understand the importance of drug literature evaluation.  

7-       Develop sufficient communication skills through

verbal and written activities



 Galt KA: Clinical skills program drug information series, module 1. Analyzing and recording a drug information request.

 Bethesda, MD: American Society of Hospital Pharmacists; 1994. (Copies of the required chapters are available).

Optional: Malone PM et al. Drug information: a guide for pharmacists. 2nd ed. NY: McGraw-Hill, 2001.

 Course Policies:

Classroom format:

a.        Active learning format is encouraged during this session.

b.       Handout may be provided to outline main points about the topic.

c.        Each student will answer 1 or 2 DI requests each lab

d.       Discussion of DI requests at the end of the lab session.

Student behavior and expectation in the classroom:

e.        All students will act appropriately and professionally during lab.

f.         Attendance is mandatory. Please be punctual, No late comers will be allowed into the lab.

g.       Students shall respectfully ask questions, follow instructor requests when applicable.

h.       The student will get out of the lab as much as they put in.

i.         Cell phones should be turned off or put on vibrate/silent mode.

Violators will be asked to leave class.

j.         No TALKING….No GUM Chewing during class….

Please Take Off your Abayya (عباءة) it is a classroom not a Mall J…. so dress properly.

College policy on class attendance and exams:

k.        Missing a lab for no reason means missing the DI request points of that lab.

l.         Missed lab for a medical reason requires a report from the physician. However,

the report MUST then be signed and accepted by the academic office.

m.      Students missing >25% of the course attendance will Not be allowed to set in the final exam.

 This mean the FINAL PRACTICAL …Please do the math and be smart J and attend all labs.

 Student's complaints:

n.       Any issues related to this course teaching, examinations and grading should be first resolved with the module lecturer(s) promptly to ensure healthy learning atmosphere. Unresolved issues

should be addressed with the course coordinator, then the deputy of head of the department

(Dr. Sinaa AlAkeel). Unresolved issues should be directed to College Vice Dean (Dr. Amal Fatani)


o.       Students will be asked to fill an evaluation form at the end of this module.

 Students are encouraged to provide constructive and objective comments regarding the instructors and the course content.

 Grade distribution:

 Weekly drug requests:

           (total of 10 requests)                      50 points  

           Mid Term1                                     20 points

        Mid Term 2                                    20 points

      Final Practical Exam                          10 points               

                                                 Total                 100 points

Examination Dates (Please Mark your Calendar):   

 Mid Term 1  All Sections: Wednesday 3 ربيع ثاني from 02:00  to  03:00 p.m.

 Mid Term 2 All Sections: Wednesday30 جمادي الأولى from 02:00 to 03:00 p.m.      

 Final Exam, Part I (DI requests): will be conducted during the “Week of Lab    Exams”,

 please attend according to your section day.

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