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1.       Third Year Medical Students

a.   341 Lectures:

                                         i.    Adrenal disorders, two lectures

                                        ii.    Metabolic bone diseases, one lecture

b.   341 Clinical sessions:

                                         i.    Each week of three (3) hours, hands-on patients interactions to learn communications and patients' management i.e.  around 24-sessions for the whole academic year.

2.       441 Final Year Medical Students

They come in cycles every three (3) months and teaching one to two clinical sessions after one staff for 2-3 hours with one tutorial for one hour.  They have access to medical websites and medical journals in order to avail the latest updated information and are encouraged to work as subinterns in the medical wards for hands-on experience with patients.

3.       Post-graduate teachings

Teachings conducted during ward rounds with the attached residents and fellows during daily rounds and weekly departmental activities like admission rounds, clinical update sessions, and grand rounds, as well as journal club activities.


4.       Endocrinology fellowship program

We currently have three (3) fellows and they are very active in the wards, clinical sessions, book review, and regular six (6) monthly exams in which we all participate.  They rotate among the different major hospitals in Riyadh City which allows them greater experience and contact with many different subspecialties.  They are also encouraged to access famous medical websites like:





                ovid databases…etc 

 Lectures files

osteoporosis in saudi arabia.pptosteoporosis in saudi arabiaمنى على غوده نيل
Final Presentation - Dr. Mona Fouda.pptFinal Presentation - Dr. Mona Foudaمنى على غوده نيل
vitamin D deficiency in Saudi Arabia.pptvitamin D deficiency in Saudi Arabiaمنى على غوده نيل
sexual_disorders.pptsexual_disordersمنى على غوده نيل
pcos presentation FINAL.pptpcos presentation FINALمنى على غوده نيل
Disorders of the Parathyroid Glands.pptDisorders of the Parathyroid Glandsمنى على غوده نيل
dm and pregnancy final.pptdm and pregnancy finalمنى على غوده نيل
Fiveyear2.pptFiveyear2منى على غوده نيل
adrenals2.pptadrenals2منى على غوده نيل
adrenal_disorders.pptadrenal_disordersمنى على غوده نيل
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