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                                   Curriculum Vitae

Name  :  Professor  Hassan M.  Ahmad  AL-Hazimi 

Date of Birth  :                    Dec., 1946 (1366 H)

Place of Birth :                    Al-Hussaini, Saudi Arabia

Permanent Address :         Dept. of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, King Saud University,

P.O.Box. 2455, Riyadh-11451.  E-mail : hhazimi@

Phone No. (01)  4675998, 4675905, 4683790;   (07)  3271700

 Mobile : 0505242860

Education : B.Sc.Science (Chemistry and Zoology)1969 , Faculty of Science, King Saud University.

Ph.D,..University College,Cardiff,UK, 1976, Organic Chemistry

 Title of  Thesis:  Nuclear  Magnetic  Resonance  Studies  of   Nitrogen Heterocycles.

Positions :1989 - present : Professor  of Organic Chemistry,Department of   Chemistry, King Saud University (KSU)

1981-1989 :     Associate Prof., Dept. of Chemistry, KSU

978-1981   :     Assistant Prof., Dept. of Chemistry, KSU

1976-1978 :     Lecturer, Dept. of Chemistry, KSU 

Area of Interests :    Natural Products, Heterocyclic Compounds, Spectroscopy  of Organic Compounds
Teaching graduate and undergraduate Students in Chemistry Department, King Saud University

 Teaching Cources:            

            - Basic principles of Organic spectroscopy.

            - General  Organic Chemistry.

            - Natural Products.

            - Organic Mechanisms.

            - Heterocyclic Chemistry.

-Teaching Organic Natural Product cources in girls College, Riyadh, as well as other  cources in Basic Principles of Organic Spectroscopy.

Conferences and Meetings Attended :  

1.  International Conference for on Sources of Crude Organic Materials, Tronto,  Canada   (July ,1978). *

            2.   th21 Intern. Conference, Spectroscopy Science, Cambridge, UK (June 1979).

            3.   First Asian and Pacific Conference in Chemistry, Singaphore(june, 1981). *

            4.   th23 Intern. Conference, Spectroscopy Science,Tokyo, Japan (Oct., 1981). *

            5.   First National Meeting for Chemists,Jedda, Saudi Arabia(Jmada 1, 1402).

            6.   Second National Meeting for Chemists,Jedda, Saudi Arabia(Jmada 1, 1407). *

7. First National Symposium on Material Science, King Saud University,Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia(29 Dec., 1998). *

8.   International Confrence on Chemistry and Industry, Future Trends for the third

                  millennium, Riyadh, SA(Dec. 1, 2005). *

            9.   National Confrence in Chemistry, Makkah Al-Mokarmah (April. 15-17, 2007).

10. Meeting at Girls Education College,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia(16 Dec., 2005);*  Lecture : How  to write a scientific Document?

11. 1st  Scientific Meeting at Girls Edu. College,Jeddah, Saudi Arabia(1 May, 2006).

12. 2nd Scientific Meeting at Girls Edu. College,Jeddah,Saudi Arabia(30 April, 2007)*.

13. Chineese Experience in Nano Industry Workshop,Riyadh, KSU, Saudi Arabia(25-27 May, 2008).

14. The International Conference for Nanotechnology of 21st Century, Riyadh, KSU, Saudi Arabia (5-7 April, 2009).

15. 3RD Annual Protein and Peptide Conference Peijing, China, 21-23 March, 2010 *

      * scientific papers submitted.     Chaiman of some sessions of  6 - 11


Academic and Research Activities        

-    Representative of Chemistry Department at Education College(1978-1979), King Saud University.

-    Chairman of Chemistry Department(1982-1984), King Saud University.

-    Organizer of higher graduate studies in chemistry Department, 1984-present.

-    Fellowship of Advance Studies Committee (1991-1992), King Saud University.

-    Fellowship in faculty of science council (1978-1979; 1995-1998), KSU.

-    Fellowship of Academic Council(1995-1999), King Saud University.

-    Academic director for undergraduate and graduate students in the department.

-    Contribution in two internally work shops, KSU.

-    Fellowship in a variety of temporary committees recommended by Chemistry Department, King Saud University.

-    Membership  of study plan committee of chem. department (KSU),1986 – four years.

-    Membership of study plans committee of faculty of science (KSU),1985 – 1992.

-    Evaluation of some research grants projects to be supported  by KACST.

-    Cooperate of revising formulations of a large number of patents from  general directorate of   patents(KACST) during 1998-2006.

-    Evaluation of  some short research  projects  to  be supported  by  Scientific Research Deanship, KAAU.

-    Member of B.Sc. Study Plan Committee at Science Departments in Girls Education Colleges (1989)

-    Contribution in Preparing Basic Chemicals Technology Books for 2nd Class of Secondry Schools in the Kingdom (1994).

-    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 1995-present.

-    Refereeing the translated versions of  three books(field:spectroscopy) and three books in the field of organic chemistry including "the crafts of Scientific Writing".

Awards and Prizes

Scholarship awarded by King Saud University for M.Sc. and Ph.D. Study.

Research projects supported by King Abdulaziz city for science and technology for my postgrad. Students( 3 in Natural Products; 3 in Synthesis of Heterocycles).

Prize for our book"Heterocyclic Compounds",1st issue 2001, from Kwait estab.,2002.

Prize of Scientific distinction, 2005.

Prize of Research distinction, 2006.

Encouragement gift from King Saud University, 1980.

Research projects(5) supported from Sabic and Research centre, Faculty of Science,KSU , 1429-30H.

Prize of Scientific distinction, Saudi Chemical Society 2009.


Reviewing papers for the following journals

Journal of Saudi Chemical Society.

Journal of King Saud University(sciences).

Journal of King Abdulaziz University(sciences).  

Journal of King Faisal University(sciences).

Journal of King Khalid University(sciences).

Security Research Journal

J. Arab Gulf of scientific researches

Egypt J. Pharm. Sci.

J. Azhar Sci.


J. Chem. Soc. Pak                  

Natural Product Letters

    Research Activities 

1) Publications : More than 80 scientific papers in National and International Journals

2) Books : 2 Books (single), Natural Products;  11 Books(shared) , Organics; 2 Translated books, Organic

3) Supervision Ms.C. and Ph.D. Degrees :

- Ph.D.   5  ; - M. Phil.  22 ;  Current  Ph.D. 3

- External Examiner , - Ph.D.   15  ;   - M. Phil.   37


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2. H.M.G.Al-Hazimi, A.H. Jackson, A.W.Johnson and W.Winter, N-Methylated

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i) Single Books

1. Natural Products, 3rd  ed.(2002), Alkheraiji Library, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2. Biosynthesis of Natural Products, Ist ed.(2001), KSU  Press, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


ii) Shared Books

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3. Foundations  of   Org. Chemistry (trasl. by  A. AL Maged)

4. Foundation  of   Spectroscopy  (trasl. by  M. Khatab)

5. Organic Synthesis (trasl. by  Naser  Abu assalam)

6. Coordination Chemistry of Macrocyclic Compounds (trasl. by  M. Monshi)


List of Dissertation Co-supervised (Ms.C., Ph.D)

ªSupervision        ¨External Examiner

¨ Synthesis   of  Some  Nucleosides  and   Nucleotides  and   Studying  of   Some  of  their Characteristics, Ibrahim Alassem, M.Sc, King Saud University, 1412/1992.

ª Chemical Constituents of Some Chenopodiaceae Plants Grown in Saudi Arabia, , Nabila Al Jaber, M.Sc, KSU. 1410/1990.

ª Chemical Studies on Some Artemisia Species Family : Asteraceae, Munira Al-Zoman, M.Sc, KSU. 1410/1990.

ª Structural  and   Synthetic  Studies  On   Some  Natural Products, M. Saada Deep, M.Sc, KSU. 1404/1984.

ª Terpenoids of  Some  Compositae (Asteraceae)  Plants f rom  Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Amin Jomma, M.Sc, KSU. 1409/1989.

¨ Micellar Effects  upon  Nucleophilic and   Electrophilic  Reactions, Abdullah Al-Ayed, M.Sc, KSU. 1413/1993.

¨  Synthesis and Characterization of Benzo[g] quinazolinone derivatives Benzo[g] quinazolinone, Mona Al-Safii, KSU. M.Sc, 1419/1999.

¨ Labdane Diterpenes from  Ostotegia   fruticosa, Nawal Almusayab, M.Sc, KSU. 1419/1999.  

¨ Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Containing Nitrogen and or/ Sulphur, Fayeza Al-Fayez, M.Sc, KSU. 1419/1999.

¨ Isolation and Characterization of Antimicrobial Principles from Local Maytenus Species, Saleh Algassomy, M.Sc, KSU. 1420/2000.

¨ Synthesis and reactions of some chalcones and its derivatives & expected biological activities, Jihan Alhumaidy, M.Sc, girls education college, riyadh. 1420/2000.

¨ Survey of Poisonous Plants in Saudi Arabia, Abullah Alamir, M.Sc, KSU(Botany Deprtment). 1421/2001.

ª Synthesis and Study of Some Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds, Mohamad Ali AAl-Saad, Ph.D, KSU. 1422/2002.

¨ Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies on Some Aziridine Derivatives of  High Stereoselectivity,Fozia  Al-Blowy, M.Sc, King Adulaziz University, 1422/2002.

ª Synthesis and Characterization of Some Pyrole and Thiophene Derivatives, Khlood Al-Taissan, M.Sc., KSU., 1421/2001.

ª Chemical Study  on  Some  Leguminous  Plants, Nabila Al Jaber, PH.D., KSU. 1423/2003.

ª Chemical Studies on  Some  Asteraceae  Plants  grown  in  Saudi  Arabia, Munira Al-Zoman, PH.D., KSU. 1420/2000 .

¨ Synthesis and Characterization of Some Nucleosides Related to Imidazole Derivatives, Hessa Eltlassi, M.Sc., KSU, 1422/2002.

¨ Synthesis and Characterization of Some Nucleosides Related to Quinazoline  Derivatives, Safia Bagari, M.Sc., KSU, 1422/2002.

¨ Micellar Effect Upon the Hydrolysis of Some Drugs, Abdullah Al-Ayed, PH.D., KSU. 1423/2003.

ª Synthesis and Study of Some  Novel Quinolinopyrimidine  Derivatives, Shadaa Alageel, M.Sc., KSU. 1423/2003 .

¨ Chemical Investigation on Terpenes anf Coumarins of Natural and Synthetic Origins, Fatma Edris, PH.D, girls education college, Jeddah. 1423/2003.

¨ Reaction of  Derivatives of Aromatic Hydrazones with Bis(trichloromethyl) carbonate, A. Albogami, M.Sc., KSU, 1423/2003.

¨ ynthesis and applications of some Novel Asymmetric Homogeneous catalysts Based on Carbohydrate, Eman Aladulkareem, M.Sc., KSU, 1424/2004.

¨ Intramolecular Reactions of 3-Acetoxyaminoquinazolin-4(3H)-ones with Aromatic Rings  by  R. Lamphone  (KAU, PH.D., Department of Chemistry, University of Leicester, UK). 

¨ Synthesis of Some Novel Heterocyclic Quinoline Derivatives, Hessa Dhafiri, M.Sc., KSU, 1424/2004.

¨ An efficient Way to Synthesize New Nitrogen Heterocyclic Systems, S. Abu-Bushait, PH.D. Girls Science College, Dammam, 1424/2004.

ª Study of the Chemical Constituents of Agarwood  Oil, Fahd Aldalan, M.Sc., KSU, 1424/2004. 

¨ Extraction of Chemical Constituents of Some Plants of Chenopodiaceae Family Grown in Tabuk Area, Marzoga Albulawy, M.Sc., girls education college, Tabuk, 1424/2004.

¨ Utility of a-Enones in the Synthesis of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds, Marium-El Shaikh, PH.D., girls education college, Jeddah, 1424/2004.

¨ Design, Synthesis of Some Novel Nonclassical Antimetabolites of Chemotherapeutic Effects, PH.D., Aisha Yahab, PH.D., girls education college, Jeddah, 1425/2005.

ª Chemical  Studies  on   Some  Plants  of  Family  Lamiaceae, Munira Sulaim, M.Sc., girls education college, Riyadh, 1425/2005.

ª Chemical Studies on The Genus Cassia(Senna) Plants  in Riyadh Region, Tarfa Al-Warhi, M.Sc., KSU, Riyadh, 1425/2005.

¨ Identification of the Volatile and Nonvolatile Natural Products of Achillea  biebersteinii, Hager Al Orfi, M.Sc., KAAU, Jeddah, 1425/2005..

¨ New Routes for the Synthesis of Azoles, Azines and Their Condensed Derivatives of Potential intermediated in Dyes an Pharmaceuticals, Rita  Boraik, M.Sc., girls education college,Jeddah, 1425/2004.

¨ Synthesis and Study of Corrosion Inhibiting Activity of Several Isooxazolidines, Asmaa Al-Shareef, M.Sc. Girls Science College, Dammam, 1425/2005

¨ Chemical Study of Some Seasonal Flowering Plants in Riyadh Region, Lamia Alwhaibi, M.Sc. girls education college, Riyadh, 1425/2005.

¨ Synthesis and Characterization of Some N-Alkyl Oxaziridines,M.Sc. KSU, Badria Al Ogayan. 1425/2005

¨ Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Some Aroyl Hydrazones, Alia Alhowiti, M.Sc.,KSU, 1425/2005

¨ Polymerization  of Some Amino Acids for Further Utilization in Animal Feeding, Abdullah  El Zaria

   M.Sc., KSU,1425/2005

ª Synthesis of Some Pyridine and Pyrimidine Derivatives via Mickel Addition, Hesa Al-Rasheed, M.Sc., KSU, 1426/2006

¨ Determination of Omega-3 Fatty Acids  in Some Commercial Food Supplements, Saad. El Moaily,

    M.Sc.,KSU, 1426/2006.

ª Synthesis and Study of Some pyrimidine derivatives, Hanan Al-blowi, M.Sc., KSU, 1427/2006

¨ Use of Shiff Bases in the Synthesis of Benzoxazine and Quinazoline Derivatives, Ali  Al Ghahtani,

   M.Sc., KSU, 1426-27.

¨ Synthesis and Cyclic Reactions of Some 2`-Hydroxychalcone Derivatives and  the Corresponding Amino Compounds, Arafat Hattab, M.Sc., girls education college, Riyadh, 1426-27.

¨ Optical and Thermal Properties of Some Organic Polymers Doped by Organic Laser, ِA. Masaad Al-Onazy, M.Sc., KSU, 1426-27.

¨ Synthesis of some Heterocyclic Compounds Using –Unsaturated Ketones, ِHanan Al golaika,PH.D, girls education college, Riyadh, 1426-27.

¨ Synthesis and studying characterization of some nucleosides quinazoline derivatives, Lyla M. Boraik,

     PH.D, girls education college, Makka Almokarmah, 1426-27.

ª Synthesis of  Some bidentate Ligands and Their Use as Catalysts in Assymtric Induction Reactions, M. El Shammary, M.Sc., KSU, 1928/2007

ª Effect of Some Food Additive Extracts on Corrosion of Aluminium Cookware., Raesaa El Shehri, M.Sc., KSU,1928.

ª Synthesis and Reactions of  Some Pyrimidin-2- thione Derivatives. Zainab Al-Marhoon, M.Sc., KSU,1928/2007.

ª Analysis of 2D NMR Spectra of Some sterically Hindered Imines, Ahmad Joman, M.Sc., KSU,1928/2007.

¨ Evaluation of the effect of some natural substances on the the corrosion of metals. Motlaq Saleh Al- Otaibi,M.Sc., KSU, 1928/2007.

¨ Spectroscopic Analysis of Oxidative Hair Dyes in some Hair Coloring Formulations. Khalaf Mosallam Al-Onazy, M.Sc., KSU, 1928/2007.  

ª Phytochemical and Pharmacological Studies of Alhagi maurorum Root Extracts,Mohammad Marashda, Ph.D., 2007. 

¨ Phytochemical investigations on the constituents of Prunus armeniaca  Prunus,Fahima Rashid, Ph.D., Karachi Univ.,May-2007.          

ª Secondary Metabolites in Four Different Populations of Capparis deciduas(Forssk.) Edgew. ,Ali  Namazy, M.Sc., KSU, 1424/2004.    

ª Synthesis and Characterization of Some Heterocyclic Compounds via Arylidenes. Tahani Al Motairi, M.Sc., KSU, 29/6/1430H.   

ª Synthesis and Study of Some Pyridazine Derivative,  Hajja Al-Onazy, M.Sc.,KSU, award 29 / 6 / 1430H.  

ª Synthesis and Characterization of Some Pyrazole Derivatives. Hana Al-Shehri , M.Sc., KSU, graduated 10/1/1430H. 

ª Synthesis and Reactions of Some Pyrazolone Derivatives. Amal Al-Mutairi , M.Sc., KSU, 1424/2004. 

ª Synthesis and Study of some Thienopyrimidine Compounds, Khlood Al-Taissan , Ph.D., girls College, Dammam, graduated 7-1431H.  


ª Pytochemical Constituents on  Some Plecktranthus species grown in Saudi Arabia, Munira Sulaim, Ph.D., girls College, Riyadh, current.  

ª Volatile and Non-volatile Components of Some Compositae species, Lamia Alwhaibi, Ph.D., girls College, Riyadh, current.  

¨ Synthesis and study of some quinoxaline derivatives.Fatma Al Asmary, M.Sc.,KSU, Shaaban,1928-29.

¨ Chemical and photochemical studies on some phytosteroids extracted from some Saudi Arabian plants, Huda Al Ghamedi, girls education college-Jedda, Shaaban, 1928-29.

¨ Complexation of Vanadyl Compounds with Maltol, Humera Anwar (Supervised by Prof. Zahida T. Maqsood), Ph.D., Karachi Univ., perhaps to be reviwed Dec-2007.         

¨ Studies on Bioactive Cyclopeptides and Peptide Derivatives of Heterocyclic and other Aromatic Compounds, Rajiv Dahiya (Supervised by Prof. Devander  Pathak), Ph.D., Rajiv Academy for Pharmacy, Mathura, India, perhaps to be reviwed Dec-2007.

ª Synthesis of New 1,3,5-Triazine Derivatives as Coupling Reagents: Application in Solution and Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, Tarfa Alwarhi, Ph.D., Chem. Department, College of Science, KSU, Riyadh, current.

¨ Polymerization and Copolymerization of Cyclic Ethers in the Presence of Heteropolyanions Catalysts. Hasan Razhan , M.Sc., KSU, Rabia, 12-5-1929H.

¨ Synthesis of Some Quinazolinone and Pteridinone-yl-2-oxo/thio barbituric Acid and Study of their Biological Activity, Khlood Dahloos, M.Sc., KSU,1429H.             

¨ Effect of surfactants upon the hydrolysis of some pharmaceutical drugs, Fozia Faleh Al-Blowy, Ph.D., Chem. Department, KSU,  13/3/1413H, 2009.

 ¨ Studies on Synthesis and Reactions of some New Phthalazine and Phthalazinone Derivatives. Aisha Al-shehri , M.Sc., Girls Science College(KFU)-Dammam, 14-6-1930H, 2009.

¨ Studies on Bioactive Cyclopeptides and Peptide Derivatives of Heterocyclic and other Aromatic Compounds, Asmaa Al-Shareef, Ph.D., Girls Science College(KFU)-Dammam, 4-7-1930H; 2009.

¨ Synthesis and Characterization of Some Diazine Derivatives, Eiman Eldowsary, M.Sc, awarded 2nd semester, 1430H(8-7-1430H; 2009).         

¨ A Phytochemical Study of Heterocyclic Compounds in Some Citrus and Rumex Plants with prospected Biological Activity, Noor Basodan, Ph.D., Girls Science College(KAAU)-Jeddah, 24-6-1930H; 2009.

¨ New Applications in Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds, Abdulla Albogami,  Ph.D., Chem. Department, KSU,  11-7-1930H; 2009.

¨ Chemical Constituents of some Acacia plants: Comparative Studies, Sara El-Gahtani, M.Sc, 1st sem. 1430-1431H;  2009.

¨ Study of Michael addition on chalcones and/or chalcone analogues, Amal bo-gassem, M.Sc, 1st sem. 1430-1431H; 2009.

¨ Synthesis of substituted anthracene and its cycloadditions, Adel Gobran Saeed, M.Sc, 1st sem. 1430-1431H; 2009.

ª Reaction of Isatin with some Nucleophilic Agents, Ghada Issa Hassan Badri, M.Sc, Chem. Department, College of Science, KSU, Riyadh, Registered 2nd sem 1430-1431H(2010)

ª Synthesis of some New Heterocyclic Compounds Based on Pyrazole Ring , Hessa El-tilassy, Ph.D., Chem. Department, College of Science, KSU, Riyadh, Registered 2nd sem 1430-1431H(2010)

ª Synthesis of some Nifuroxazide Analogues and Investigation of their Antimicrobial Activity , Huda alsaady, , M.Sc, Chem. Department, College of Science, KSU, Riyadh, Registered 2nd sem 1430-1431H(2010)

ª Design and Synthesis of a Novel Class of Biologically Active Non-peptide Derivatives , Zainab Al-Marhoon, Ph.D., Chem. Department, College of Science, KSU, Riyadh, Registered 2nd sem 1430-1431H(2010)

¨ New Method for Preparation of Smart Polymers using Microwave Technique, Fehaid M. Alsubaie, M.Sc, 2nd 

    sem. 1430-1431H; 2010.

¨ New Green Synthetic Approaches to Polyfunctionally Substituted Heteroaromatics, Sameera M. Mousally, Ph.D., Girls Science College(KAAU)-Jeddah, 4-7-1931H; 2010.



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