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ZOO 453 Pollution and Environment Protection (2+1) credit-hours

A comprehensive study of the various pollutants and their effects on the environment.

 ZOO 499 Research Project (0+3) credit-hours.

To introduce the Zoology students to the various biotopes and habitats of the various animal species together with a practical study of the main components of the ecosystems. The course also provides the student with a direct contact with the diversity of the fauna. It also provides on the spot training on the methodology of field research report. Field trips to some of the governmental and private establishments dealing with the applied aspects of animal sciences.

ZOO 499 Research Project (0+3) credit-hours.

To introduce the students to the methodology of scientific research though a simple research project that expose him to the acquisition of scientific literature, as well as to the design and execution of field and laboratory research, together with the analysis of the results and the writing up of research report.

ZOO 570 Ecology and Pollution (2+0) credit-hours.

Objective: to provide non-zoology graduate students with the basic concepts on terrestrial and aquatic animals ecology and pollution.

Contents: Introduction to ecology, ecology and man, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, ecosystem components, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem equilibrium, energy, food chains, tropic levels, species diversity, relationship between ecological factors and terrestrial and aquatic animals, populations and communities, introduction to pollution, pollutant side

ZOO 571 Animal Ecology and Pollution (1+1) credit-hours.

Objective: To provide graduate students with basic concepts of individual ecology and terrestrial and aquatic communities ecology, together with information on pollution and pollutant.

Contents: Introduction, Ecology of individual: Organisms limiting factors, important biotic factors. Population Ecology: Population regulation, Interspecific competition. Community and ecosystem ecology: Structure and diversity: Bioms system. Zoogeography. Aquatic Ecological zones and ecosystems in Saudi Arabia. Ecological relationship between plankton and Nekton in marine, Fresh water, and Estuaries habitats. Effects of ecological factors on aquatic animals and their media. Aquatic community stratification. Productivity, methods and measurements and primary productivity. Pollution and pollutant. Ozone layer pollution, Heavy metal. Oxides, sewage and hydrocarbons pollution. Pesticides and physical pollutions.

ZOO 574 Animal Zoogeography (2+0) credit-hours.

Objective: To provide graduate students with the basic concepts of animal distributions in the zoogeographical realms.

Contents: patterns of life, the continental drift, the zoobiogeoraphic subdivision of the earth, center of species dispersal and diffusion, island zoogeography, Aquatic population dispersion: random, regular and Aggregational. Aquatic population distribution: emigration, Immigration and migration. Distribution of animal species in freshwater and marine ecosystems (selected examples) Bipolaro animal species.

ZOO 576 Pollution Measurement Methods (1+2) credit-hours.

Objective : To study the methods of pollution measurement

Contents : Introduction, definition of the different pollution gents. Measurement methods, utilization of some living organisms for measurement of pollution percentage, Investigation of factors that may affect the accuracy of aids utilized in measurement of the pollution agents, being familiar with the method adopted for measurements of water pollutants, as well as those utilized for measurements of air pollutants, soil pollutants. Determining the internationally accepted pollution percentage, detailed study of some methods adopted for  measurement of pollutants in Saudi Arabic and some gulf states.

ZOO 577 Pollution in Animals (2+1) credit-hours.

Objective : To study the effects of pollutants on animals.

Contents : Introduction, Pollution glossary, pollution and food chains, the effects of pollution on animal physiology, the effects of pollution on animal distribution, selected studies on the effects of pollution on animals in Saudi Arabic and Gulf states.

ZOO 578 Geographical Distribution of Pollutants (1+1) credit-hours.

Objective: To study the geographical distribution of some pollutants and of the factors controlling their distribution. And qualitative distribution.

ZOO 579 Selected Topics in Ecology and Pollution (2+0) credit-hours

Objective: To provide graduate students with recent research papers in Ecology and pollution with special emphasis on topics related to the students future research project.

Contents: Selected recent research papers in ecology and pollution.


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