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 Personal Details

 Home address: P.O.Box 75 318 Riyadh 11 578 KSA

 Chem. Dept. KSU Tel. No. 966-1-4772245


1- Ph.D. (Inorg. Chem.) 2000, Riyadh, King Saud Univ., KSA. ( Spectroscopic investigations, FT-IR, Mössbauer and NMR of metal binding sites in algae).

2- Masters (Inorg. Chem.) 1994, Riyadh, King Saud Univ., KSA.  ( Substitutions in Hydroxyapatites, calcium by rubedium or cesium and hydroxyl by carbonate).

3- B.Sc. (1981) King Abdulaziz Univ., Jeddah, KSA.(Chem/Biol)


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  2. Wafaa K. Mekhemar and Maha H. Al-Qunaibit, Kinetics of copper (II) Adsorption by Bentonite in Mixed Solvents, J. King Sau Univ., Vol. 11 , Science(speciall issue),pp.11-20, 2009 
  3. Mutasim I. Khalil, Hamda S. A-Enzi and Maha H. Al-Qunaibit, A New Route to the Preparation of K2CrO4, J. Saudi Chem. Soc., Vol.11, No. 2: pp 287-292 (2007)
  4. M. Al-Qunaibit, M. Khalil, and A. Al-Wassil,  "The effect of solvents on metal ion adsorption by the alga chlorella vulgaris" – Chemosphere 60 (2005) 412-418.
  5. T.I.A. Al-Muhaimid, M.H. Al-Qunaibit, K. Al-farhan and R.M. Mahfouz. “Kinetic Analysis of The Thermal Decomposition of Pristine and g-irradiated Zinc Uranyl Acetate”, Radiation Effects and Deffects in Solids, Vol. 159 (2005) 613-635 .
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  8. A.Al-Wassil, M.Al-Qunaibit and M. Khalil, FT-IR Spectroscopic study of the nature of Cd(II), Fe(III) and Sn(IV) moieties biosorped by chlorella vulgaris.  J.   of Saudi. Chem. Soc.; Vol.7. No. 3,  pp.327-330 ( 2003).
  9. Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil, Mutasim I. Khalil and Maha H. Al-Qunaibit, Study of Metal Exchange Mechanisms in Microorganisms, J. Saudi Chem. Soc., Vol.4, No.1, pp 33-42 (2000).

Conferences and Symposia:

  1.   M. H. Al-Qunaibit , The effect of polarity on metal binding by chlorella vulgaris; FT-IR study, ICIBIC XIII, July 2007, Vienna.
  2.   W. Mekemar, M.Al-Qunaibit, and I. Abd-Elaal, Kinetics of Copper(II) Adsorption by Bentonite in Mixed Solvents, Third Saudi Science Conference "New Horizons in Science and Their Applications", March,  2007.
  3.    S.M. Abo-Zeid, M. H. Al-Qunaibit and O.M. AboulWafa, “Structural and biochemical studies of metal complexes with estrone derivatives”, The 9th International Pharmaceutical Conference and exposition, KSU, Dec., 2005, Riyadh.
  4.       Scientific Achievements for Women in the Arabian Gulf. Riyadh 14-15 February 2004 (Organizing Committee)and discussion panel chair.
  5. Environmental Citizenship Symposium- Riyadh 4-5 June 2002, M.H. Al-Qunaibit “ Algae as Green Ion Exchangers”.
  6.  The first National Symposium for Material Science, Riyadh 30-1 /2 1998, M.Khalil. A. Al-Wassil and M. Al-Qunaibit , “Microorganisms as ion exchangers”.
  7.      Natural Products Symposium, Riyadh 26-28 march 2001, “Applications in metal sequestering by algae).
  8. -Development and environment impact, Riyadh 21-23 September 1997, M.Khalil. A. Al-Wassil and M. Al-Qunaibit, “ Metals and hydrocarbons biosorption by microorganisms, an environmental study”


  1. Teacher Assistant , Chem. Dept. KSU ( 1984- 1994)
  2. Lecturer, Chem. Dept. KSU ( 1994- 2001)
  3.  Assistant Professor, Chem. Dept. KSU (2001- )
  4.  NMR lab founder and supervisor ( since 2000)
  5.  Research Center director (2002-2003)
  6.  Vice Dean, College of Sience, Sciences & Medical Studies Center for Women Students, King Saud University. ( 2003 -  2005 )
  7. Vice Dean, Deanship of graduate studies, 1430 (2009)



The Saudi Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society

Saudi Women Scientist Committee (King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research center).



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