Name: Layla Abdulrahman Al-Bader

Department: Curriculum and Instruction

 College of Education

Office: 124k – Building 15

Email: lalbader@ksu.edu.sa

Job Title: Lecturer

Academic Degrees:

Master degree: Curriculum and Mathematics Education

                             University of Northern Colorado

                              Greeley, Colorado. USA

Bachelor degree: Mathematics

                                University of Northern Colorado

                                Greeley, Colorado. USA

Participations and Activities:

In the Department:

1.          Head of "course Schedule Committee" for 13 years

2.          Head of "field Training Committee" for 8 years        

3.          Member of "Final Examination Committee" for 8 years

4.          Member of " Field Training Committee" for 4years.

Other Participations:

1.          Supervisor of "The Diploma of Education and Training       Program" In the College of Education from (1406-1407) to (1416-1417).

2.          Academic advisor for all students of the "Diploma of education"  For 10 years

3.          Academic advisor for students of "Special Education" major  For 6 years.

4.          Organizer of the Course schedules for the "Diploma of Education Program" for 10 years.

5.          Participant in a committee for "Evaluating and Reforming the Plan of the Educational Diploma Courses" (1410-1411)

6.           Supervisor and participant at Student Exhibits in field training schools

7.           Participant at student exhibit for C&I department after completing the (course 466)

8.           Preparing and teaching in an intensive course (60 hours) for Elementary Mathematic Teachers (1414)

9.           Supervisor of C&I section in the exhibition held at 1409 for orientation of Girls' University Studies Center.

10.      Participant in preparing an " Evaluation Sheet" for Field Training students of C&I department (1410).


Courses Taught:

325 – 330 – 333

231 – 353 – 473

460 – 466 - 470