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SDS 513



Removable Prosthodontics





Course Title                   :         Removable Prosthodontics 

Course No.           :         SDS 513

Credit Hour          :         Two hours

Course Level        :         1st Year




          Professor of Removable Prosthodontics

          Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences 


           To be able to impart to the graduate students the knowledge and expertise in comprehending and analyzing the various techniques, procedures and factors related to removable Prosthodontics.       


1.           The graduate student must be able to enunciate the fundamentals, concepts, rationales, procedures and techniques related to rehabilitation of partially and completely edentulous patients with assessment, indications, contra-indications and limitation of various removable prostheses. 

2.           The graduate student must be able to comprehend and recognize different techniques and procedures used to fabricate removable dentures. 

3.           The graduate student should be able to analyze the various biological and mechanical factors related to removable dentures and discern the performance of different treatment modalities.



          The basic components of this course include the following:

      Topics in complete denture prosthodontics

      Topics in removable partial denture prosthodontics

      Topics in attachments partial dentures prosthodontics

      Topics in overdentures

      Topics in immediate complete and partial dentures prosthodontics

      Classical literature as a base for substantive understanding of the concepts and treatment modalities


1.       Complete Denture Prosthodontics

This Course will help the student to understand the current basic biological mechanical concepts of rehabilitation of the edentulous patients. Historical evaluation of the techniques, articulators, occlusal philosophy, concepts of occlusal schemes related to complete denture therapy will be given to the indications of various treatment modalities. Classical literature as a base of substantive discussion for concepts in therapy and research will be reviewed and discussed. 

2.      Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontics           

          a.      This course will provide the student to comprehend the current basic biomedical principles and concepts in the treatment of partially edentulous patients. Current concepts in treatment planning design, indications of direct retainers and indirect retainers, various type of major connectors, rotational path concepts, semi-precision and attachments, retained-tooth and tissue-borne prosthesis with emphasis on preservation of remaining structures will be covered. Classical literature as a based of substantive discussion for concepts in therapy and research will be reviewed and discussed. 

b.       This course will help the student to understand the concepts and biomechanical principles of rotational path of placement for tooth partial denture. Emphasis will be given to the indications, contraindications advantages and disadvantages of rotational path partial denture treatment. 

3.      Attachment Partial Denture Prosthodontics 

A historical background on attachments will be covered. This course will explain the basic principles of the attachments and analyze their advantages, disadvantages, indications and contraindications. The concept of stress breaking will be examined, and some of the disadvantages of these devices will be pointed out. The intracoronal, extracoronal, combination (intra-extracoronal) and auxiliary as cross-arch units will be discussed. 

4.      Overdentures 

This course will provide the student to develop the rationale for the retention of teeth and analyze their advantages, disadvantages, indications, contraindications and to enunciate the importance of the role of overdentures for congenital and acquired defects. The current concepts of various types of overdentures, including immediate, remote, use of attachments and crown, and sleeve coping prosthesis will be pointed out. 

The classical literature as a base for substantive discussion for concepts and therapy modalities will be reviewed in seminars. 

5.      Immediate Complete and Partial Dentures 

This course is intended for the student to comprehend the factors involved for the patients for where immediate complete dentures are contemplated, and to provide the principles of diagnostic procedures, indications, contraindications, advantages and disadvantages and predictions as to the course and outcome of the treatment plan. This course will be conducted in the form of lectures and seminars.



1.           The course will be conducted in the form of lectures and seminars. 

2.           The lectures will be taken by the faculties attached to the SDS Department. Adequate illustrations and references from standard textbook and classical articles will be used related to the lecture topics and seminars. The students will be provided with the list of lecture topics, textbook and articles much in advance to prepare and attend the lectures. 

3.           A total of 14 lectures and 21 seminars will be taken.



1.           The student will be evaluated based upon their weekly response to Questions posed by the faculty taking the lectures/seminars. 

2.           One Mid-Term Written Examination in Lecture topics 

3.           Final Examination 

         Continuous Assessment                    40%
         Mid-Term Written Examination         20%
         Final Written Examination                40%


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