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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

(Curriculum vitae)

1. Personal information:
Name: Saleh Bin Ibrahim Sayari.
Address: King Saud University College of Law and political Sciences, Department of Civil Law.
Tel: 4674184
Class background: Ph.D. in law.
Current position: Assistant Professor.

2. Degrees:
1) indefinitely degree: Bachelor.
• Date obtained: e 1404.
• Place obtained: King Saud University.
• specialization General: administrative science.
• Special specialization: Law 
3. Indefinite class: Master:
• Date obtained: in 1990.
• Place obtained: University of Rennes (France).
• General specialization: a privite Law.
• Special specialization: Labour Law
• Masters title: authorities employer.
4- Doctorat :
• Date obtained: 1996
• Place obtained: the University of Nantes (France)
• specialization General: privite Law
• Special specialization: Social Insurance Act
• Letter doctorate title: social protection against occupational hazards
* Disciplines: private law, insurance, labour Law, a system of social insurance. Zakat and taxation Law.

• Activities at the level of section
- Participate in the committees section
• activities at the college level
- Member of the methodology
- A leading cultural activity and social regulations and the Faculty of Political Science
- Chairman of the Committee of the Constituent Assembly of Saudi regulations 

* Activity private community service /

• part-time adviser to the Shura Council of 15/2/1419 e to 14 / 2 / 1422 e.
• part-time adviser to the specifications and standards of e 25/1/1423 to 24/1/1424 e.
• Committee member appellate Zquih tax 9/3/1423 e till now.
• Participation in the discussion of the draft basic system of social insurance.
• Basic participate in the preparation and discussion of the draft anti-smoking system.
• attend the first meeting to extend the social insurance institutions States Asia and the Pacific, held in Riyadh 22-24 / 6/.1417
• Provide a working paper for the panel discussion organized by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the General Organization for Social Insurance in 18-19/2/1422 entitled panel discussion on the new system of social insurance.
• participate in the discussion of scientific communications at the Institute of Administration and the Prince Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences.

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