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Future Publication:


Arabic Translation of a Textbook:

Management of Infertile women.  Helen A. Carcio.  Lippincott – Rave publisher – 1999.  In process.


Research Proposal submitted to KACST:


Reproductive Hazards of heavy metal on IVF outcome in Saudi Arabia, King Khalid University Experience. 


Pattern of Exposure to Environmental Pollutants in mothers of Babies with Congenital anomalies.

Non-Published Research:


*     Al-Mutawa J.  A study of Acceptability of Contraception technique for Saudi Female submitted for Master Degree in Family Medicine, 1985.



*     Established Guidelines, policy and procedures in Obstetrics & Gynaecology,  Ultrasound.


*     Information Booklet & A guide for patient with infertility.

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