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Sample Exams


1. Which one of the following conditions is a complications of medical induction of ovulation:

A. Congenital anomalies

B. Ovarian hyper stimulation

C. Embryonic demise

D. Gestational Diabetes

E. Hirsutism



2. All of the Following are methods of detecting ovulation except:

A. Basal Body Temperature

B. Endometrial Biopsy

C. Urine luteinizing hormone (LH) test.

D. Serum estrogen

E. Molimina


3. Which are of the following procedure is the appropriate managements when an abnormal semen analysis is identified?

A. Artificial insemination

B. repeat semen analysis

C. adoption

D. antibiotic

E. In-Vitro Fertilization



4. At which time in prenatal female development are the gonadal  germ cells are maximum number?


A. 5 weeks

B. 10 weeks

C. 20 weeks

D. 30 weeks

E. 40 weeks



5.All of the following provide support to the vagina except the

A. perineal body

B. Pelvic diaphragm

C. Cardinal ligament

D. Ultrasound Ligament

E. Infundibulo pelvic ligament



6.All of the following statement about the lopus luteum are true except that it

A. is the primary source of progesterone in nonpregnant source of progesterone

B. is initially stimulated by anterior pituitary lutenizing hormone (LH)

C. may result in a functional ovarian cystic structure

D. structure is maintained by human chronic gonadotrophin  (HCG) if pregnancy occurs.

E. can occur independently of ovulation












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