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Awards and certificates of thanks




Name: Hessah Abdurrahman Abdulaziz Al-Jaber.


Education: Doctorate, Associate Professor in the Department of History - Faculty of Arts - King Saud University.




1- PH.D. In Islamic history theme "economic life in Persia during the period 232-334 Hejri"

2- Masters in Islamic history theme "Oman in the Amawi Period"



Biography process:


1- Associate Professor.

2- Assistant Professor.

3- Lecturer.

4- under section of the Department of History.

5- Coordinator for the faculty of Arts.

6- A pioneer of the social committee.

7- Middle school Principal.




1- Annual report Committee in the College of Arts.

2- Annual report Committee at the Centre.

3- Cultural Activity Committee in the Department.

4- The Library Committee in the Department.

5- Short letter/Thesis in the Department.


Scientific societies:


1- Saudi History Society.

2- History and monuments Society of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.

3- Geographic Society – in Saudi Arabia.

4- Geographic Society – in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

5- Arab General Union Committee.



Scientific Production:


1- A Book entitle: "Economic life in Persia during the period 232-334 Hejri"

2- Six Research published in Periodicals/scientific journals.




Ideal Principal Award.




Area of concern:


Economic History, The History of the Orient, The history of the Gulf Area, Women and Development, and The History of Saudi Arabia.




1- Presented lectures and Coordinated Symposiums in "The Home of King Abdulaziz, and King Saud University, and the Committee of the cultural activities in Qassim, and the Faculty of Education for teachers in Qassim" in the occasions of (Saudi Arabia's 100th national day), (junadriah national festival of heritage and culture) and (20th anniversary for King Fahad bin Abdulaziz as the King of Saudi Arabia).

2- Participate in presenting researches and coordinated meetings/sessions in some symposiums and international scientific conferences.


Mailing address:


P.O.Box 40031 Riyadh 11499

Mobile: 0555200455

Fax: 01-2335547

E-mail: Haljabr@hotmail.com


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