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مقالاتي بجريدة الحياة



Birth Date: 26/2/1962

Address: P.O.Box: 231463

                Riyadh 11321

               Saudi Arabia

Educational background:

- Graduated from elementary school in 1973.
- Graduated from middle school in 1976.
- Graduated from high school in 1979.
- Received a B.A degree in the Arabic Language and it's Literature from Saud university 1983.
- Received an M.A in linguistics from Indiana University in the United states of America on Jun 30,1988.
- Received a PHD in Applied Linguistics from Michigan state University in the United State of America on August 18,1995.
- My doctoral program consisted of coursework, three comprehensive examinations, and a doctoral dissertation.
- After taking many courses in both Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, I successfully passed three separate comprehensive exams in three different Linguistic areas. The first exam was in the area of Reading, writing, TESOL, and the History of the English Language, The second exam was in the area of Sociolinguistics, and the final exam was in the area of Second Language Acquisition, The area in which I also wrote my doctoral dissertation under the supervision of professor Susan M. Gass. The title of dissertation is ''Acquisition of tense and Aspect in the English- based interlanguage of Non-native speakers''.
Work experiences:

- Director of  ''office of privet studies'', and special translator of English for his royal highness prince Sultan bin Abdul aziz Al Saud, crown prince, Deputy Prime ministry and minister of defense and aviation and Inspector – General from 11/11/2005 until now.
- Dean of the Arabic Language Institute at King Saud University from 19/7/2001 until 11/11/2005.
- Member of King Saud University council from 19/7/2001 to 11/11/2005.
- Chairman of the Language and Culture Department at the Arabic Language  Institute at King Saud University from 6/11/1998 until 19/11/2001.
- Chairman of the Teacher Training Department at the Arabic Language Institute at King Saud University from 26/10/1997 until 16/10/1998.
- Chairman or member of several academic and administrative committees at the college and university levels, from 10/8/1995 until now.
- Assistant professor at the Teacher Training Department at the Arabic Language Institute at  King Saud University since 5/12/1995.
- Teacher assistant at the Arabic language Institute at King Saud University in Riyadh, Sauda Arabia from 8/10/1983 until 11/8/1984. During that period, I taught Arabic classes to nonnative speakers of Arabic at the Institute. In addition, I taught Arabic courses to undergraduate Saudi student at the department of the Arabic Language at King Saud University.




Other experiences:

- Visiting lecturer at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia (Center for Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies) during the spring semester 1997.
- Regular lecturer at the English Department at the College of Arts at King Saud University.  I teach Applied Linguistics courses in the areas of  Second   Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, and TESOL.
- Teacher of  English as a second language a Indiana University during the school year 1987/1988.
- I attended many conferences and seminars covering various linguistics issues since 1983.
- I chaired a session at the conference on ''Theory Construction and Methodology in Second Language Acquisition Research ''which was held at Michigan state University during the summer of 1991.
- Visiting lecturer at the University of  Essex in England (The Linguistics Department) during the summer of 1999.
- Coordinator of several evening English programs that have been designed to improve the English language of government employees at the college of Applied sciences at King Saud University since 5/9/1998.
- Translating academic documents for Sultan Bin Abdul aziz Humanitarian city from 1999 to 2000.
- Translating academic documents for The national Guard from 2001 to 2003.
- Write at Al- yamamah Magazine from 2001-2005.
- Wrier at Al hayat Newspaper from 2009- until now.
- Regular guest at radio and TV programs and political analyst at Arabic and English TV and Radio stations.
- Member of several Government committees from 1990 until now.


Research interests:

My main interests in the filed of Linguistics include Arabic Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and TESOL. Currently, I am in the process of publishing the following articles related to my Linguistic interests:

1- Acquisition of tense in the Arabic – based interlanguage of non-native speakers of Arabic.
2- Attitudes of Arabs towards non-native speakers of English.
3- Strategies used by non-native speakers of English to avoid using difficult vocabulary.
4- Code – switching and it's role in fostering conversation.
5- Translation Constraints:  suggestions and solutions.
6- Using computer for teaching English.
7- Teaching reading; the old fashion vs. new technology: comparative study.
8- Role of experience in official translation.
9- Acquisition of aspect in the English – based inter language of non – native speakers of English.
10- Translating for Senior officials: Qualifications vs. confidence.


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