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Questions for 431 SDS course


1-      Define centric relation.         Shillingburg P.11



2-      When the mandible moves around the horizontal axis, this movement occurs in the:

a-      Horizontal plane.

b-      Sagittal plane.

c-      Frontal plane.

d-     None of the above.


                      Answer (b).        Shillingburg P.13




3-      In the mutually protected occlusion:

The anterior teeth protecting the posterior teeth in all mandibular excursions and the posterior teeth protecting the anterior teeth at the intercuspal position.

a-      True.

b-      False.

                         Answer (a).       Shillingburg P. 20



4-      A shallow protrusive condylar inclination requires:

a-      Long cusps.

b-      Short cusps.

c-      Has no effect on cusp angle or height.


                          Answer (b).      Shillingburg P.21




5-      If a patient has unilateral balanced occlusion (group function) in the right and left side. And you are restoring tooth #36 with metal-ceramic crown. After cementing the crown and finishing the treatment, the patient will have:

a-      Mutually protected occlusion.

b-      Canine guidance occlusion.

c-      Bilateral balanced occlusion.

d-     The same original occlusal scheme, group function.


                              Answer (d).    From the lecture.       

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