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Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics I

                                           SDS 431


CREDIT HOURS  :           4 Credit hours 

PREREQUISITES           :           SDS 331 Course (Introduction to Fixed Prosthodontics)



        This course serves as a transitional phase from a preclinical to a clinical environment. It introduces the fourth-year students to the clinical aspects of delivering patient care in the specialty of fixed prosthodontics. It is designed to teach the student to clinically apply basic principles of fixed prosthodontics.  



            At the end of the course, the dental student should:

1.      acquire basic concepts necessary for the diagnosis and treatment planning  of simple fixed prostheses. 

2.      bring together the knowledge and skills for a successful management of different clinical fixed prosthetic cases.

3.      acquire experience of performing different types of tooth preparations of abutments of fixed prostheses.

4.      acquire the knowledge and skills to fabricate a biologically compatible and esthetically and functionally acceptable provisional crown.

5.      acquire the knowledge and skills to safely manage soft tissues for making impressions of prepared tooth/teeth.

6.      acquire a clinical experience utilizing a face bow, inter-occlusal records and semi-adjustable articulators for mounting clinical cases. 

7.      acquire an experience in performing some laboratory procedures for fabrication of fixed prostheses.

8.      develop a good dentist-laboratory technician relationship.

9.      properly deliver fixed prostheses.

10. acquire an introductory preclinical experience of restoring missing tooth/teeth with dental implants.




Ü                 Treatment planning & treatment sequence of fixed partial prosthodontics

Ü                 Principles of occlusion 

Ü                 Review of various tooth preparations 

Ü                 Management of abnormal tooth positions

Ü                 Restoration of the endodontically treated teeth

Ü                 Interim fixed restorations

Ü                 Tissue management and impression making

Ü                 Description of Color and shade selection

Ü                 Principles of esthetics

Ü                 All ceramic restorations

Ü                 Implant supported fixed prosthodontics

Ü                 Connectors for fixed partial prosthesis

Ü                 Evaluation of  the final restoration & try-in procedures

Ü                 Cementation of the final restoration

Ü                 Post-operative care of fixed partial prosthesis


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