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Department history


Abdulrahman saud Almusayid Alguwaii Alshammari

Birth : 19/4/1409 h       28/11/1988

place of birth / Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Age : 23

Bachelor of Arts degree in history with a

 '' Very good'' Grade and a G.P.A of  ( 4,04 / 5 )


Position : Teaghing Assistants in department history

General Specailization  :  islamic history

Specific Specailization  : Abbasid Caliphate history

E mail :     




Societies memberships 


- Member in the Saudi historical society

- Member in the history club



  cConducted researches:

- The state of  Yazeed Bin Omar Bin Hubyarh on Iraq      

-The influence of the Turks in the Abbasid caliphate

- The buyids influence in the Abbasid caliphate  

- The buyid state and its foreign relations

-  The British empire foreign policy since Berlin conference 1878 till world war 1

-  Otto Von Bismarck and his role in the German unity 

-  The Muslim minority in Britain     


Administrative work during study :

- Head of the preparing committee of the global symposium for the relation of the Arabian peninsula with the Greek and byzantine worlds from 6-8 December 2010.

-  Member of the organizing committee of the manuscripts & documents conference from 5-6 May 2010.

-  Member of the organizing committee of the 7th global symposium for the Arabian peninsula’s history from 5-7 January 2010.

-  General supervisor on the students committees for the academic year 2009-2010.

- member of the Parallel master degree  in the national history program committee for the academic year 2010-2011.

- President of the Club students of the Department of History in 2009 until 2011

Awards won

-  The ideal student award for the academic year 2009-2010

-  The scientific excellence award for the 2nd semester of the academic year 2009-2010

Languages (Spoken and Written):  







Computer Skills:

Software Name


Windows OS up to 2007


Browsing  the Internet


MS Office



Interests in history  :

-  The Abbasid caliphate

-  The Islamic eastern history

-  The United States modern history

-  The diplomatic history and the international relations

Other Skills:

- Communication skills

- Research Methodology Skills

- Presentation Skills

- Team work Skills

- Analytical Skills


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