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OPTO 263

 Clinical Methods II (2+1)
In this course student will learn to perform the following tests: static retinoscopy, keratometry, direct ophthalmoscopy and biomicroscopic examination of the external eye and the anterior chamber. Color vision tests: Ishihara, D-15 and 100 Hue.



OPTO 262


 Level: 5


OPTO 355

Contact Lenses II (1+1)
This course will discuss topics pertaining to fitting rigid lenses. Adding to the information base presented in the previous semester, topics will include: rigid lens design, materials, care regimens, insertion and removal. Fitting techniques and lacrimal lens, fluorescein patterns and alignment, flat and steep fits as well as bearing area and intra-palpebral fit, over-refraction as well as lacrimal lens calculations and correlations. Patient selection and adaptation will also be discussed.



1. Contact Lens Practice 1st Edition, Ruben M. and Guillon M., 1994

2. Contact Lenses 3rd Edition, Vol. I and II, Stone J. and Philips A.J., 1992.



OPTO 354


Level: 7

OPTO 466

Optometry Clinic I (0+3)
In this first clinical course, optometry students will examine patients and provide refractive care. Under the supervision of faculty optometrists, students will learn to draw upon the information and skills acquired in prior classes to solve visual problems. Additionally, patient management skills will be discussed and developed.



OPTO 365

OPTO 364


Level: 8



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