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203 Agext:Communication skills 2 (1+1)

The concept of communication, human communication models and its application in agriculture, communication elements, types of communication, the role of language in communication, development of listening skills, development of speech and speaking skills, development of written communication skills, development of non-verbal communication skills, development of presentation skills, development of meetings management skills, report preparation and writings, and data presentation.


Course Objectives: The objectives of this decision is determined as follows:

1 - introducing the student to the history and the emergence of agriculture and stages of development.

2 - The role of agriculture in each of the social, economic and environmental.

3 - Student Film fundamental differences and characteristics between the agricultural population and urban population.

4 - understand the concept of demand and sustainable agricultural development in general and in Saudi Arabia in particular. A

5 - The student knows the importance of achieving food security, water and environmental contributions to the Kingdom to achieve this.

6 - The importance of agricultural education and its role in promoting the agricultural sector. In general and in Saudi Arabia in particular.


Teaching plan decision



The first week

General definition of the objectives and contents of the decision

The second week

History and development of agriculture to the social roles, economic and environmental

The third week

Social roles, economic and environmental rural population

The fourth week

The rural population to agricultural development

Fifth Week

Agricultural development, agricultural development in the Kingdom

The sixth week

Agricultural development in the Kingdom to sustainable agricultural development

Seventh week

Sustainable agricultural development for food security

Eighth week

Food security, water security

Ninth week

Water security to the issues and challenges

The tenth week

Issues and challenges to the development of agricultural education

Ten week atheist

The development of agricultural education

The twelfth week

Completed the evolution of agricultural education

Thirteenth week

General review

The distribution of grades to be

Exam the first monthly

20 Degree

The second monthly exam

15 Degree


5 Degrees

Attendance and participation

10 Degrees

Final examination

50 Degree


(A joint memorandum prepared by some members of the faculty department (copy


104 Agext: Introduction to Agriculture 2 (2+0)

Concept of agriculture, history of agriculture as a human activity, the role of agriculture in the different aspects and activities of life (social, economic and environment), specializations and areas of studies in agricultural sciences, Saudi agriculture, development of Saudi agriculture, sustainable agriculture (concepts, history and aspects), the role of Saudi agriculture in food and water security, environment , economic and social services, the future of agriculture as a profession in Saudi Arabia.

          Course Objectives: The objectives of this decision to achieve the following:

1 - The Film student concept and elements of communication.

2 - The student acquires skills that must be available in the elements of the communication process.

3 - The movie student different models of the process of communication and how to use them in practice.

4 - Giving students the skills of both: direct communication, written communication skills, management skills, meetings and presentation of information, preparation and report writing and presentation of data.

5 - the practical application and practice of some communication activities.


1 - originated Communication Sciences

2 - The concept of the communication process.

3 - elements of the communication process.

4 - the division of methods of communication.

5 - Theories of communication.

6 - Developing the skills of speaking and rhetoric.

7 - Development of management skills meetings.

8 - behavioral aspects of communication - perception - hearing.

9 - patterns and their impact on personal contact with others.

10 - obstacles to communication.

Distribution of grades

Half of the class exam 20 

Final exam 30 degrees

Practical exercises for each exercise 50 degrees 5 degrees


1 - Communication Skills by Dr. Mohamed Mounir veil

2 - The Art of Public Speaking del Karniqi

3 - How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Karniqi

4 - How to convince others Abdullah Mohammed Alaocn

5 - How to develop your memory and Security Section of authoring and translation in the House majority

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