Curricuwm vitae

Name: Khalid Ben Fayez Musa Al-asmari

Nationality: Saudi
Date of Birth: 02/10/1977 - Taima - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Occupation: Lecturer (tutor), department of archaeology, King Saud University.

Address: Dept. of archaeology, College of Tourism and Archaeology.  P.O.Box:2456 Riyadh 1451





• M. A  Archaeology. King Saud University . 2009.
Title: A study of the Neolithic in north-western kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• B.A Archaeology King Saud University. 2002.

• Asir: the Great Citadel of the  Southern of Saudi Arabia with prof. A .Al-Ansari. Dar al-qawafil. Riyadh  2009.
• (the Neolithic in north-western Saudi Arabia: Discoveries from Uyayna site) 12th Arab Archaeologists Conference Cairo. 2009.
• "Environmental Conditions during the Neolithic in North-west Saudi Arabia" 2nd 2nd Adumatu Symposium. Al-Jouf 2010.
• Contributions in the series " Towns along the incense Road " Dar al-qawafil 2005-2006

 Archaeology Research Assistant Dar al-qawafil.Riyadh 2002-2005.
• Secretary - Shura Council 2005-2010.

• Coordinator of King Saud University high Committee Reviewing University Future.
• Member of the Department :of Archaeology Committee of Janadriya Cultural Festival  2003.

Short Training Programs:
• Computer data management  .Riyadh 2002.
• Training Private sector Employees.  Human Resources trust. Riyadh 2005.
• New office  technologies. Public Administration Institute. Riyadh 2006.
•Agenda organization  through Computer. Public Administration Institute. Riyadh 2006.
• Preparing  and  writing up Reports. Public Administration Institute. Riyadh 2006.
• Training  to write on Arabic keyboard by touch . Public Administration Institute. Riyadh2008.
• Reporting preparation course . Public Administration Institute . Riyadh 2008
• Internet and e-mail in office work. Public Administration Institute. Riyadh 2008

• Geophysics applications in Archaeology. College of Tourism and Archaeology . 2010.

• Saudi Society for Archaeological Studies.
• Arab Archaeologists Union.

• Gulf Arab States Society  for History and Archaeology

• Arab Archaeologists 12th Conferences. Cairo 2009.
• Adumatu second symposium. Al-Jouf. Saudi Arabia 2010.

Gulf Arab States Society  for History and Archaeology Meeting. Bahrain 2010. 


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