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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name:  Khaled Almuthaibri

Date of Birth:  16/ 12/1980

Marital Status:  Married

Nationality:  Saudi

Address: Saudi Arabia, Qassim



            -  Bachelor Degree in English and Translation , Qassim University, Saudi Arabia.

            -  Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Newcastle University, UK

            - Ph.D. (in progress) in computer assisted language learning.

Work Experience 

-          Lecturer- English Dept in Community College- Almajmah University 2010.

-          An English teacher in the ministry of education since 2005 A.D as:

-          Full time teaching English in secondary stage;

-          Part time in both primary and elementary stages.

      -    Leader of activities section in the school in the academic year 1427-1428.

      -    Second vice manager for a term 1429 H.


Alresheedi, k (2008) computer assisted language learning: the potential of using                 technology for teaching English vocabulary in Saudi public schools. Dissertation. Newcastle University. UK

Alresheedi, k (2008) Language Variation and Style. Paper. Newcastle University. UK

Alresheedi, k (2008) Vocabulary Learning Strategies. Paper. Newcastle University. UK

Alresheedi, k (2008) What is the initial state of SLA? Discuss current theories and the role of  Processability Theory. Paper. Newcastle University. UK 

Alresheedi, k (2008) Spelling. Paper. Newcastle University. UK

Alresheedi, k (2008) Reading Skill in Foreign Language Teaching. Paper. Newcastle               University. UK


-          Travel

-          Swimming 

Contact Details


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