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·        Case report "Acute appendicites in Paraumbilical hernia" "Author" Saudi medical journal. 2003; vol. 24, No 10: 1133-34

·        Prospective Study "Alvarado Score in Acute Appendicitis" "Author" the saudi Jornal of Gastroenterology. 2004; vol 10, No. 2:86-91

·        Case report "Polycystic liver Disease" "Author" (in process)

·        Book in "Clinical Surgical Skills" published "Author" 1st edition-2006

·        Book in "Clinical Surgical Skills" 2nd edition-2009

·        Clinicopathological review of GIST (in process)

·        Interval appendectomy for appendicular mass (in process)

·        Role of prophylactic antibiotics in laparoscopic cholecystectomy (in process)


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