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Course Number and Symbol: Chem. 101    4(3+1)
Course Name :   General Chemistry-1

Stoichiometry: SI Units, chemical formulas, the mole, methods of expressing concentration, Calculations based on chemical equations.
Gases: laws, kinetic theory, deviation and van der Waals equation.
Thermochemistry: Types of enthalpy changes, Hess Law and its applications,, first law of thermodynamics.
Solutions: Type of solutions and laws related , colligative properties.
Chemical kinetics: Law of reaction rate, reaction order, factors affecting the rates.
Chemical Equilibrium : Relation between Kc & Kp, Le Chatelier's principle and factor affecting equilibrium. Ionic equilibrium: Acid and base concepts, pH calculations of acid, base and buffer solutions.
Atomic Structure: emission spectrum, Bohr's theory de Broglre's hypothesis, quantum numbers , electronic configuration of elements, consequences of the periodic table.

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