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Publications of Prof. Khalid A. Al-farhan

1-      K. Al-Farhan, B. Beagley, O. El-Sayrafi, G. Gott, C. McAuliffe, P. Mac Rory, R. Pritchard “Preparation, properties, and reactions with sulphur dioxide of triphenylphosphine oxide complexes of manganese(II) thiocyanate. crystal structures of [{Mn(OPPh3)2(NCS)(m-NCS)}2], [Mn(OPP3)4(NCS)2], and (PPh3O)(PPh3OH)(HSO4), a derivative of sulphuric acid formed under ambient air oxidation of sulphur dioxide” J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans. 1243-1250 (1990).

2-      Khalid A. Al-FarhanCrystal structure of triphenylphosphine oxide” J. Crystallogr.     and Spectr. Res., 22(6), 687-689 (1992).

3-      Khalid A. Al-Farhan “Crystal structure of triphenylphosphine oxide oxalic acid benzene” Z. Kristallogr., 208, 181-186 (1993).

4-      A. Ghaith, K. Al-Farhan, S. Al-Resayes, M. Monshi and A. A. Hasanein “Excited states dipole momentes from solvent shift methods and MO calculations” Afinidad, 52(455), 25-30 (1995).

5-      Khalid A. Al-Farhan, Omer M. Abu-Salah, Mohsen Mukhalalati and Mohamad Jaafar “Copper disordered hexakis(phenylethynyl) pentaargentate(I) cluster" Acta Crystallogr. C51, 1089-1092 (1995).

6-      S. Al-Resayes, M. Monshi, K. Al-Farhan, A. Ghaith, and A. A. Hsaanein “Calculations of polarizabilities of uracil and cytosine 5-halo derivatives” Afinidad, 52(455), 319-323 (1995).

7- Khalid A. Al-Farhan  and Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil “Crytal structure of tetrakisdiphenylammonium hexadecachlorotetrabismuthate(III)" J. Chem. Crystallogr. 25(12), 837-840 (1995).

8-     M. Monshi, K. Al-Farhan, S. Al-Resayes. A. Ghaith and A.A. Hasanein “Excited states dipole moments and polarizabilities of uracil and cytosine 5-halo derivatives” Spectrochimica Acta, The Netherlands, A(53), 2669-2677 (1997).

9-     Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil, Khalid A. Al-Farhan, Mohsen Mukhalalati and Refaat M. Mahfouz “Coordination chemistry of thenoyltrifluoroacetone 1-synthesis and characterization of In3+ thenoyltrifluoroacetone complex” Spectroscopy Letters, USA, 31(2), 299-305 (1998).

10-   S. Al-Resayes, K. Al-Farhan, M. Monshi and A. Hasanein “MNDO optimized molecular geometries of some pyrimidine and purine derivatives” J. Indian Chem. Soc. 75, 506-510 (1998).

11-   Hamad Z. Alkhathlan and Khalid A. Al-Farhan “Synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted 4-oxoquinolines and 3-substituted fused 4-oxoquinolines” Heterocycles, Japan, 48(4), 641-655 (1998).

12-   Refaat M. Mahfouz, Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil, Khalid A. Al-Farhan and Mohsen H. Mukhalalati “Technetium chemistry. A review of applications in human myocardial and cerebral studies” A C H-Models in Chemistry, Hungary, 136, 31-41 (1999).

13-   Khalid A. Al-Farhan “FARHAN-a qualitative and quantitative PC program for X-ray powder diffraction” Powder Diffraction, USA, 14(1) 16-21 (1999).

14-   Khalid A. Al-Farhan, Mohammed  H. Ja’far and Omar M. Abu-Salah "The synthesis, identification and X-ray structure of a novel cationic alkynyl silver cluster polymer [Ag3(C2But)2+]n" J. Organomet. Chem., The Netherlands, 579, 59-62 (1999).

15-   Khalid A. Al-Farhan  “X-ray crystal structure of bis-triphenylphosphine oxide hydrate p-chlorobenzoic acidJ. Saudi Chem. Soc. 4.2, 169-178 (2000).           

16-   Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil, Khalid A. Al-Farhan, Saad M. Alsheri, Mohsen H. Mukhalalati and Refaat M. Mahfouz “Synthesis and characterization of New In(III), Re(III), Re(V), Pd(II) and Rh(III) complexes of toluene-3,4-dithiol” Spectroscopy Letters, USA, 34(6), 737-743 (2001).

17-   H.Z. Alkhathlan, M.A. Al-Saad, H.M. Al-Hazimi, K.A. Al-Farhan and A.A. Mousa “Synthesis and X-ray crystal structure of novel spiro 1,3-benzoxazine dimers” J. Chem. Research (S), UK, 473-474 (2002).

18-   H.Z. Alkhathlan, M.A. Al-Saad, H.M. Al-Hazimi, K.A. Al-Farhan and A.A. Mousa “Quinazoline, pyrazolo[1,5-c]quinazoline and spiro quinazoline dimers from the reaction of 2-aminoacetophenone hydrazones with triphosgene” J. Chem. Research (S), UK, 587-588 (2002).

19-   Refaat M. Mahfouz, Khalid A. Al-Farhan, Gamila Y. Hassen,  Abdulaziz I. Al-Wassil, Saad M. Alshehri and Aml A. Al-Wallan “Preparation and characterization of new In(III), Re(III), and Re(v) complexes with thenoyltrifluoroacetone and some bidentate hetrocyclic ligands” Synth. React. Inorg. Met.-org. Chem, USA,  32(3), 489-508 (2002).

20-   Khalid A. Al-Farhan  “Triphenylphosphine oxide-3-chlorobenzoic acid (1/1)Acta Cryst., UK, C59, 179-180 (2003).

21-   H.Z. Alkhathlan, M.A. Al-Jaradah, K.A. Al-Farhan and A.A. Mousa “Synthesis, spectroscopic studies, and X-ray crystal structure of N-heteryliminophosphoranes” Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon, UK, 197, 373-388 (2004).

22-   Khalid A. Al-Farhan  “Triphenylphosphine oxide-1-naphtoic acid (1/1)Acta Cryst., UK, C60, 531-532 (2004).

23-   T. I. A. Al-Muhaimid, M. H. Al-Qunaibit, K. A. Al-Farhan and R. M. Mahfouz “Kinetic analysis of the thermal decomposition of pristine and γ-irradiated zinic uranyl acetate” Radiation Effects & Defects in Solids, UK, 1-23 (2004).

24-   O. M. Abu-Salah, M. H. Jafar, A. Al-Ohaly, K. A. Al-Farhan, H. S. Al-Enzi, O. V. Dolomanov and J. A. Howard “Synthesis and structural characterization of a halide-free rhombohedral silver-alkynyl cage complex [Ag14(C2tBu)12][BF4]2Eur. J. Inorg. Chem, 2353-2356 (2006).


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