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Curriculum Vita


Name / Nasser A. Almasary

DOB / January 27th 1959

POB / Taif, KSA



·       B/A in art education, King Saud University 1982

·       M/A in curriculum and instruction, University of San Diego (USD) 1985

·       Ph.D. in curriculum and the study of schooling, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 1990

Contact information:


Office phone: 4674647

Fax: 4674609

Mobile phone: 966505533926

                                                                                                 Mail: P.O. Box 75202

          Riyadh, 11578

          Saudi Arabia

Professional overview:

1.    Professor at King Saud university (KSU). (curriculum and instruction dept at the school of education.)

2.    Member of the Research Board at school of education 1990-1994

3.    Student teacher committee chairman

4.    Department's academic needs committee member

5.    Department's courses committee member

6.    Department's Higher education committee member

7.    Chief of the sports program at the school of education

8.    Supervisor /coach of the volleyball team of KSU.


Courses taught:

Bachelor level:

1.    General curriculum

2.    Entery level instruction

3.    Visual art teaching methods

4.    Student teaching in visual art

5.    Psychology of children's drawings

6.    Environment materials crafts

7.    Metals crafts

8.    Jewelry making


Master level:

1.    Independent study

2.    Evaluation in the visual art curriculum

3.    Computer usage in the visual art curriculum


List of research topics:

1.    Changes in the visual art teacher preparation programs according to the philosophy of  DBAE (not published)

2.    Spiritual dimensions in the  visual art student teaching program (not published)

3.    Computer usage in supporting the administrative activities in the visual art teaching programs (not published)

4.    Methods of teaching visual arts according to the modern trend (unpublished book)

5.    A comprehensive proposal for the study of the status of general education in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( presented to the Saudi national security commission, co-authored)


General lectures in the field:

1.    Symposium in the usage of computers in the teaching of visual arts. ( presented to the ministry of education)

2.    Symposium in the teaching for transfer in the visual art teaching program. (presented to the ministry of education)


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