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أسئلة شائعة




Full Name       :                       Sulaiman Bin Abdulllah Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Aqeel

Place & Date of Birth:            Rowdah Sudair, Riyadh, 1378H, Saudi Arabia

Postal Address:                       P.O. Box 64234, Riyadh 11536, Saudi Arabia

Contact Nos.:              Tel/Fax: 01-467-4975

 Mobile: 055402331, Pager 115470413

Academic Curricular:





Al Qadsiya Primary School, Dammam,


Taweeq Al Riyadh Intermediate School,

Riyadh, 1394-95H

Riyadh Secondary School,



University and Higher Education:

Bachelors Degree

Masters Degree


King Saud University, Arts College, Specialization in “Sociology”,


Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, 1988.

Thesis Title:

“Measuring The Attitudes of Students in The College of Arts, Kings Saud University Toward Modernization”.

Mississippi State University Stakville, MS, 1992.

Thesis Title:

“The Impact of Modernization on Saudi Society”.


Current Employer:                  King Saud University, Arts College,

Department of Social Studies.

Academic Qualification:         Phd. In Sociology.

Educational Status:                 Professor

Main Specialization:                Social Change and Moderization.

Sub-Specialization:                 Anthropology.

Extra Curricular:


  • Coordinator in Department of Social Studies for 1415H – 1416H.  
  • Students Activity Leader at Arts College, King Saud University for 4 years continuously (1415H – 1419H).
  • Confidential Secretary of Social Studies Council, for years 1415H – 1417H.
  • Coordinator of Seminars and Lectures Committee, Department of Social Studies.
  • Member and Coordinator of Requirements Committee, Department of Social Studies.
  • Member of External Contacts Committee, Department of Social Studies.
  • Member of New Students Interviews Committee, and evaluating department’s specializations.
  • Worked in Committee of Tracks Specification in Department of Social Studies.
  • Member of Reviewing Structures of Students Thesis at Masters level, Department of Social Studies.
  • Part-time Consultant at Islamic Studies and Research Center, an affiliate of Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Dawa and Guidance since 1/5/1416H.
  • Worked in Anti Drugs Committee at Arts College for 3 continuos years (1416H – 1419).
  • Worked as Organizer of Anti Drugs Committee at Arts College Level 1419H 1420H.
  • Worked in Sub-Committee of University and Society Week, Arts College, 1417H – 1419H.
  • Member of Various Administrative Committees at Islamic Studies and Research Center, an affiliate of Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Dawa and Guidance.
  • Member of Research Committee at Islamic Studies and Research Center.
  • A Member of Editorial Board of “Al Dirasat Al Islamia”, a periodical research magazine issued by Islamic Studies and Research Center.
  • Social Consultant for “Al Ziwaj” Magazine issued from London and covers Arabic Families features.
  • Member of Annual Book Committee, Department of Social Studies, King Saud University.
  • Member of Requirements Committee of Social Studies Department as a part of 7th fifth years development plan of the Kingdom, 1419H.
  • Coordinator of Housing Consultancy Committee (Insurance Complex), King Saud University.
  • Organizer of Social Activities Committee (Insurance Complex) in King Saud University Housing.
  • Member of Social Committee of Orphans Care Center.
  • Member of Youths Committee in WAMY.
  • Coordinator of Outer Students Supports Committee at WAMY.
  • Organizer of Seminars and Lectures Committee at Department of Social Studies.
  • Coordinator and Organizer of Social Research Evaluation Committee, SABIC Competition Committee for Celebrating the Kingdom’s Centennial.
  • Organizer of Consultancy Committee of Housing at King Saud University.


External Activities:


  • Good cooperation with WAMY (volunteer work) since 1414H.
  • Cooperation with National Heritage Center for GCC States to accomplish the second phase of Detailed Biographies of National Heritage Project.
  • Cooperation with General Presidency for Youths Affairs in conducting seminar titled “Concept of Youths Care” in coordination with some colleagues.
  • Cooperation with Social and Applied Research Center, an affiliate of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in conducting group of lectures and research applications since 1413H.
  • Cooperation with King Fahd Security College and Higher Institute of Security Studies by delivering lectures there on different occasions.
  • Cooperation with Prince Naif Academy for Security Studies in training the social and psychological experts, 1413H.
  •  Cooperation with King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital in conducting a seminar on “The Socio-Medical Service”.

Good cooperation with Islamic Studies and Research Center.


General and Specialized Lectures:


  1. “The Effect of Materialistic Change on Social Life in Saudi Society”, Arts College, 5/11/1414H.
  2. “The Concept of Social Change”, Presidency of Youths Care, 11/7/1415H.
  3. “Concept of Social Adaptation”.
  4. “Concept of Cultural Identification with Some Implementations”.
  5. “The Social Change and Health of Society”, King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital, 5/8/1416H.
  6. “Organization and Development of Society”, Center for Practical Research, Daraya, 7/6/1413H.
  7. Different Directions Towards Understanding the Social Structure Inside the Social Organization, 19/6.
  8. Programs Planning Skills in Social Organization, 20/6.
  9. Operation and Processing of Re-Ability Data.
  10. Abstract of Indications for Diagnosis of Ability Cases.
  11. Construction of Pre-Qualification Program: Fundamentals and Concepts.
  12. Entrance For Understanding Human Attitude, 20/12/1413H.
  13. The Attitudes of Parents and Experts Towards Disables, 30/12/1413H.
  14. Attitude Changes Over Disables, 21/1/1414H.
  15. The following lectures were delivered by me in Daraya Development Center:
  16. An Introduction to Social Structure, 7/10/1413H.
  17. Theoritical Formulas of Planning, 7/10/1413H.
  18. Educational Seminar Over Projects and Programs Designing in Development Plan, 11/11/1413H.
  19. A Debate Over Implemented Project, 18/11/1413H.
  20. An Introduction to Upcoming Care System and Reform Organizations, 4/11/1418H.
  21. Objectives of Upcoming Care and its Program Development, 15/11/1418H.
  22. Diagnosis of Problems Faced by Rescued People, 13/11/1418H.
  23. A Training Workshop Over Diagnosis of Problems Faced by Rescued People and Their Families, 13/11/1418H.
  24. Phases of Designing Upcoming Care Program, 17/11/1418H.
  25. A Training Workshop Over Designing Upcoming Care Program, 17/11/1418H.
  26. An Introduction to Upcoming Care System and Reform Organizations, 4/11/1418H.
  27. Objectives of Upcoming Care and its Program Development.
  28. Diagnosis of Problems Faced by Rescued People.
  29. A Training Workshop over Diagnosis of Rescued People and Their Families.
  30. Steps of Designing of Upcoming Care.
  31. A Training Workshop Over Designing of Upcoming Care Program, 17/11/1418H.
  32. A general lecture in Arts College, King Saud University, as a part of educational activity of the College under “A Study of Social Distance As Appear in Some National Examples”, 12/8/1419H.


Seminars and Conferences:


During Study:


  • American Sociological Association.
  • American Population Association – Baltomore – Meryland.
  • Southern Sociological Association – Tascalousa – Albama.
  • Northern Sociological Association – Liousville – Kentacky.


During the Academic Careers:


  • Nutrition Seminar – College of Agriculture – King Saud University. I presented there my research paper on “The Effect of Socio-Change Over Nutrition Tradition in Saudi Society, 1994G.
  • The 23rd Conference on Management Sciences, Dubai 1416H where I presented my research under title: “Changing the Role of Women in Saudi Society”.
  • American Sociological Changes in the Role of Religious Institutions in Saudi Society”, 1995.
  • Educational Supervisor for seminar on “Role of Medical Sociological Experts”, King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh. I Presented there a research and lecture under “Sociological Changes and Society Health, 4-5/8/1416H.
  • The First Conference over Volunteer Services in the Kingdom, Ummul Qura University, Makkah. I participated in the conference by presenting a research on “A Critical Study of Voluntary Organizations in Saudi Society”.
  • Workshop on “Diet, Nutrition and Health Lifestyle in The Gulf, Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries, Manama, Bahrain, 6-8 December 1997. “Social Factors Affecting Food Habits in Saudi Arabia”.
  • The 8th International Conference of WAMY, Held 2-5/5/1418H. I presented in this conference my research paper over “Attitudes of Saudi Youths towards Dawa Work”.
  • Submitted a work paper to Venezuela Conference over “Patterns and Ways of Work with Organizations”, “The Muslim Minorities” an affiliate of Ministry of Islamic Affairs.
  • A study over “The Effectiveness of Islamic Awareness Programs During Hajj”. This was a practical study about Pilgrims of year 1418H and was conducted by a Research Team of Islamic Studies and Research Center.
  • Conference over “Ibn Rush and His Effect on Islamic and Arabic Philosophy” held in Heidelber during October 1998.
  • Conference on “The Higher Education in Arab World in View of Modern Changes” held in UAE University during December 1998. I presented there a research titled “The Higher Education in GCC States from Sociological Viewpoint”.
  • Conference of GCC Labor Ministers over “Care of Elderly People in View of Changes” held in Bahrain during May 1999. I presented there a work paper titled “The Affecting Sociological Changes in Care of Elderly People”.
  • Seminar of Dieting and Nutrition, College of Agriculture, King Saud University, held in Riyadh in year 1998. I presented there a research paper titled “The Social Affecting Factors That Let Youths to Visit Frequently the Traditional Cafes”.


Contributions in Social Works:


I have made a number of contributions to serve the community such as:



“The Changes in Traditional Foods in Saudi Society” as part of scientific research program.

“Planning and Future View” under Kingdom’s program “This Morning”.

“The Consumption Behavior” under program “Deen wa Dunya”.



Published a score of articles in “Arriyadh” Newspaper such as: The Social Discipline and Students Behaviors in School, Towards National Heritage, Negative Points of Changes and Incidence of Olaya Explosion, Nationalism and Sociological Measurements, The Self Sociological Discipline, Violence in Schools and other places….

“Al Jazirah” Newspaper: The Colloquial Accents and Their Effects on Unity of Society, Adaptation of Western Culture by Youths.

“Okaz” Newspaper: Negative Points of Conducting Marriages in Celebration Halls, In addition, I have given advises on various social issues.

“Risalah Al Jamia” Newspaper: The Destruction of Public Properties etc.



“Addawa” Magazine: The Effects of Housemaids on Growth of Children.

“Al Yamama” Magazine: Negative Points of Marrying from Abroad, Consumption Values, Sociology in Education, Craze of Shopping, Sexual Uproars, Contributed in magazine’s survey to obtain public opinion.

Contributed a number of articles over “Social and Family Issues and Children Care” to Al-Ziwaj Magazine, Al-Farha Magazine issued from Kuwait.


Professional & Academic Curricular:

The subjects that I have taught:

Teaching at University Level:

The Sociological Changes “I have been regularly taking the classes of this subject since I have been appointed by the University”.

Introduction to Anthropology.

The Social Anthropology.

The Social Problems.

Small Communities.

The Learning Sociology Science.

Education and Personality.

The Saudi Arab Society.

The Field Research.

 Higher Education:

The Linguistic Sociology.

The Study of Modern Anthropology.

Research Circle.

Special Subject.

Advanced Studies on Development.


Supervision and Discussion of Thesis:

 Discussed a number of master-level theses for both King Saud and Imam Universities.

 Supervised a number of master-level theses for students of higher education in Department of Sociological Studies.


The Published Researches:

  1. The Mankind and Sociological Life Cycle: An Ethio-Geographical Study of Tarut Island in Eastern Province, published in Al Mina University Magazine, Egypt.
  2. The Language as an Accompanying Changer of Some Social Activities: A Socio-Anthropological Study of Language Role in Construction and Building in View of Bani Amr Tribe, Al Osoor Magazine.
  3. “The Political Mobilization of Religion to Modernization”, a case study of Saudi society, Arts College, Al Mina University.
  4. The Effect of Sociological Changes on Nutrition and its Traditions in Saudi society, Tanta University, Magazine of Arts College.
  5. The Sociology of Brotherhood: Magazine of Arts College, King Saud University.
  6. The Effect of the Holly Quran in Rectification of Prisoners Attitudes: An Overview Study made in light of pardon by the Custodian of Two Holly Mosques, Islamic Studies and Research Center.
  7. The Saudi Youths and Dawa Work: an study over temperaments of Saudi youths towards Dawa work, Magazine of Imam University.


Researches Under Publication:

  • Sociology of Bad Eyes and Jealousy.
  • The Merge of Servants with Saudi Society.
  • The Foods Changes in Saudi Society: A case study of a Saudi family consisting four generations.
  • The Sociological Characteristics of and Demography of People who access the Fast Food Restaurants after midnight.
  • The Socio-gape among Community Groups: An Analyzing Study of Traditional Idioms in Central Part of Arabian Peninsula. 
  • The Behaviors of Social Work in Saudi Society.
  • The Saudi Women and Voluntarily Dawa Work.
  • The GCC Child in Traditional Culture and External Impacts.
  • The Divorces in Saudi Society.


Researches Under Preparation:

  • The Role of Cartoon Drawing in Modernization of Saudi Society.
  • Beard as a Symbol of Saudi Personality.
  • The Auction of Valuable Goats: A Ethno-geographical Study.
  • The Sociological Changes the Affect Care of Elderly People.
  • The Higher Education in GCC States: A Sociological Overview.
  • The Increasing Rates of Divorces in Saudi Society.
  • Phenomenon of Marriage from abroad.
  • The Sociological Life Cycle during the Reign of King Abdul Aziz: An Ethno-Geographical Study of Riyadh City.
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